Top accessories for your Model S

Top accessories for your Model S

If you just got delivery of your Model S you may be asking yourself what are the best accessories to get for your Tesla. As a Model S owner, I’m going to share the most useful accessories to get you started with. Most of these can be found online, sites like TeslaBros and Evannex (get $10 off any order over $100 with the code 'TESLETTER'), are among our favorites, apart from the Tesla online shop.

  1. Floor mats and liners
    For the Model S, I have the ones sold by Tesla and couldn’t be happier with them. For a while, they were sold on Amazon at a discounted price. You can find them in the Tesla online shop.
  2. USB for Sentry and Dashcam videos
    If you want to be able to watch videos recorded by Sentry Mode or Dashcam, you’re going to need some storage. If you’re an iPhone user, one option is the SanDisk iXpand USB. If you’re an Android user, this SD Card Reader by UGREEN is pretty good. Alternatively, you can get the preconfigured options sold by PureTesla: USB/ MicroSD for Android, TeslaCam Bundle for iOS, or the TeslaCam SSD Extreme. They come ready to use and their customer support is exceptional.
  3. DIY Chrome Delete Kit
    Premium vinyl quality, top notch customer support. Tesbros' DIY Chrome Delete Kit currently has a special offer and you can get it for just $149.95 (you won't find a better price!).
  4. Touchscreen protector
    This is an inexpensive item to help you take good care of your touchscreen. We recommend Abstract Ocean's tempered glass screen protector for the Model S or this other one, also for the Model S which is high-definition, anti-scratch and doesn’t leave residues when removed.
  5. Emergency tire repair kit
    Since we don’t have a spare tire in our Tesla, and even though Tesla has Roadside Assistance available 24 hours a day, 365, carrying an emergency tire repair kit is never a bad idea. We have this one from Slime.
  6. License plate mount
    EveryAmp's SnapPlate is a fast, easy-install, easy-remove, tool-less, paint-safe, grille-safe, radiator-safe, Autopilot-safe front license plate mount for the Tesla Model X.
  7. LED lights (complete set)
    There are some lights which are definitely very cool accessories for your car (e.g. Puddle lights) and there are some others which you’ll soon realize you can definitely use, like LED lights for the trunk. Evannex sells them separately or as a complete interior kit set of 8 white LED lights for the interior of your Model S that you won’t regret purchasing.
  8. Cubby compartment
    I don't know about you but every time I launch my car- my kids ask for it, what am I going to do- all the things from the small shelf under the touchscreen fall. This cubby sold by Evannex and designed for the Model S perfectly fits into the compartment and holds all of your small items. (Also, use the code 'TESLETTER' at checkout to get $10 off any order of $100 or more at Evannex).
  9. Wall charger adapters
    This will change depending on your needs, your Tesla comes with a 110-volt charger, but that can only charge at 4 o 5 mph, so you may need extra chargers/adapters. Here’s what we know and recommend for charging in the US:
    • NEMA 14-50. Recommended by Tesla (it came with our Model S when we got it in Dec. 2017). We can’t use it at home since we don’t have enough power to install this kind of power outlet. Also useful to charge at campgrounds.
    • NEMA 14-30. For chargers with less voltage, this is the one that came with our installation at home.
    • NEMA 10-30. If you already have a power outlet for your dryer in your garage, use this adapter to charge your Tesla. We like this one for when we’re traveling.
    Tesla offers a Gen 2 NEMA Adapter bundle that contains all of these and others. You can also buy them individually on the Tesla shop website.

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