Tesla makes their own seats and they are made of vegan leather. The newest version of the seats has more cushion which makes them even more comfortable. Unfortunately, Tesla doesn’t currently offer ventilated seats for any of their models. They were briefly brought back in 2018, but not available as of October 2019.

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[Pics] Tesla Model Y vs Model S heated seats: Thermal imaging temperature test

DAErik, a well known Tesla Youtuber who owns a Model Y and a Model S, has used a FLIR thermal camera to check out the differences between the Model Y and the Model S in-heat heater’s layout:

  • The Model Y front seats reached temperatures consistently throughout the seats while the Model S the backrest warmers reached lower temperatures than the ‘but warmers’
  • The Model Y back middle seat doesn’t have full heating, the Model S does

Ok, the first one explains a lot… 😂

From issue #108

Back row heated seats for the Model 3 SR+

New upgrade option for SR+ owners to get back row heated seats for $300. Up until now, this option was only available for owners with the premium interior but it was knowns that the SR+ had the heaters and were just disabled via software.

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From issue #99

Blue Tesla Model Y walks around, glimpse at the 3rd-row seats

The 3rd row in the video looks tiny, we’ve reserved a Model Y with a 3rd row this would work for us since we only need it to occasionally transport a kid or two. From the video it doesn’t seem like the 3rd-row seats would be able to comfortably fit an adult. What do you think?

From issue #88

First impressions about ventilated seats

Thank you HandleX for sharing!

  • The perforations are only in the middle of the seats and not on the side bolsters.
  • The perforation (hole) design has been totally reworked (according to OA). New design pictures below.
  • The 2nd and 3rd rows will also have perforations to match the fronts, but with no air flow mechanism.
  • The design draws (sucks) heat away. Two other people could also feel the difference
From issue #14

First look at Tesla's seat factory

Tesla had a lot of problems with seats in the past, so many that they decided to build their own seats - something not so common in the automotive industry - now and for the first time we can get a look at their seat factory. Neat!

From issue #57

IR images of refresh Model S seat cooling

Nice! My sweaty butt is jealous of the ventilated seats.

From issue #180

Model 3 just updated to 2018.10.5 and has lots of new features

Release notes include:

  • Automatic braking maximum speed increased from 50 to 90 mph.
  • Unlocking with phone - now must grab handle for it to unlock.
  • Rearranged touchscreen icons by switching the left vent icons with the music and cell phone icons on the right.
  • Heated backseats controlled through the AC icon.

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From issue #1

New black Arachnid wheels and ventilated seats

Tesla is bringing back the previously discontinued ventilated seats and it is making new black Arachnid wheels available from the ordering process. (Previously, they were only available through the referral process). For now, they’re available both for the Model S and the Model X but only for the P100D.

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From issue #9

Tesla configurator shows the new Model S seats

This is not a big change visually, but a few folks said that they removed the ability to adjust the headrest 😞

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From issue #89