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Experience with Tesla 'contactless delivery'

Model Y delivered at your house in an enclosed trailer instead of driving 3 hours to pick it up. Paperwork mailed and returned both digitally and physically by mail. One phone call, text and email communication for everything else.

Thank you u/ClarksonianPause for sharing your experience, I’m sure it’s going to be very helpful to others in a similar situation right now.

From issue #105

First Model Y delivery in Canada

The Model Y was delivered on Jun 6th, a deep blue metallic Performance version (without the added Performance Upgrade) in Vancouver. It seems like more and more Model Y reservation holders in Canada are being contacted by Tesla asking for registration, trade-in, and payment details. We’re keeping our 🤞f or you!

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From issue #115

Model Y deliveries to start on March 15th

Tesla has just started sending out delivery confirmation emails to Model Y reservation holders (both with Performance and LR AWD configurations). Deliveries will start on March 15th, just a year and a day after the Model Y unveiling. Will there be a delivery event on March 14th?

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From issue #100

Model Ys are coming

A bunch of Model Y reservation holders have been reporting receiving their VIN numbers at the same time earlier this week. According to this post on Reddit, the specific configuration for this batch is:

  • AWD Long range
  • 20 inch wheels
  • Black interior
  • White exterior

We also got an email from Tesla saying «Model Y test drives are around the corner» 😬More and more Model Ys are coming!

From issue #114

Tesla innovating on vehicle deliveries

It’s well known that Tesla has been trying to improve the vehicle delivery experience, especially at the end of the quarter when things get crazy. That is why Tesla has started two new ways of delivering cars, Express Delivery and Tesla Direct Drop. Tesla Direct Drop is completely touchless which is convenient given the current state of affairs.

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From issue #104

Tesla to start deliveries of the Model Y 7-seater in Q2?

User @handytsla on Twitter has been contacted by Tesla to get delivery of his Model Y Performance 7-seater in Q2. This same owner had been contacted regarding his Model Y Performance 5-seater reservation earlier this month and Tesla had said he’ll have to wait for the 7-seater.

We hold a reservation for a Model Y 7-seater too (Long Range, AWD)… Tesla if you are listening, you have my number, so call me maybe 💃

From issue #109

Watch app for Tesla released to App Store

This Apple Watch app has been created by a Model 3 owner for his own use but honestly, it looks great. It offers basic controls for locking/unlocking the car, opening the trunk, and controlling the A/C, as well as the current status of the battery.

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From issue #112