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A 2020 recap from Tesla

Tesla has managed to hit a bunch of milestones in 2020 despite of the challenges presented. Well done, and of course, we also thank the Tesla team.

From issue #154

All prices increases since 2021

Last week Tesla did another price increase, here is a table of all price increases since 2021, courtesy of Tesla Daily.

From issue #208

Elon Musk warns Tesla may stop taking orders on some vehicles due to 'ridiculous' demand

In a recent interview, Elon said that Tesla might stop taking orders for anything beyond a certain period of time, right now the waiting time for most orders is 1 year. If they change the system, I wonder how they would do it, new orders open up at midnight 3 months in advance or something like that? One big problem with orders that take 1 year or close, is that I’m sure a decent percent changes their mind in the process and it also drives away some demand because they need a car sooner.

From issue #216

Experience with Tesla 'contactless delivery'

Model Y delivered at your house in an enclosed trailer instead of driving 3 hours to pick it up. Paperwork mailed and returned both digitally and physically by mail. One phone call, text and email communication for everything else.

Thank you u/ClarksonianPause for sharing your experience, I’m sure it’s going to be very helpful to others in a similar situation right now.

From issue #105

First Model Y delivery in Canada

The Model Y was delivered on Jun 6th, a deep blue metallic Performance version (without the added Performance Upgrade) in Vancouver. It seems like more and more Model Y reservation holders in Canada are being contacted by Tesla asking for registration, trade-in, and payment details. We’re keeping our 🤞f or you!

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From issue #115

Model S Plaid production ramping up

More Model S Plaid have been spotted near the Fremont Factory in California. Some have the Yoke steering wheel and others don’t. In any case, it’s looking like vehicles are getting ready to be hauled to their owners and deliveries could start soon (they were initially supposed to start in February). Keeping our fingers crossed for those of you who are waiting.

From issue #154

Model X refresh estimated delivery update

The expected delivery time for someone who ordered it on February 10th is now May - June.

From issue #152

Model Y deliveries to start on March 15th

Tesla has just started sending out delivery confirmation emails to Model Y reservation holders (both with Performance and LR AWD configurations). Deliveries will start on March 15th, just a year and a day after the Model Y unveiling. Will there be a delivery event on March 14th?

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From issue #100

Model Y gets auto-dimming side mirrors, USB in the glovebox, and metal scroll wheels

More surprises in the shape of upgrades seem to be coming to the Model Y. Auto-dimming side mirrors, USB in the glovebox, and metal scroll wheels, have been found in a new Model Y delivered in Fremont just this month.

From issue #139

Model Y reservation holders in Europe might start taking deliveries earlier than expected

According to Teslarati, Tesla could already start deliveries of the Model Y made in Berlin early in 2021. This would be quite a surprise, since the plan was to begin producing the Model Y in Germany in July 2021 after Giga Berlin’s production lines were installed.

From issue #135

Model Ys are coming

A bunch of Model Y reservation holders have been reporting receiving their VIN numbers at the same time earlier this week. According to this post on Reddit, the specific configuration for this batch is:

  • AWD Long range
  • 20 inch wheels
  • Black interior
  • White exterior

We also got an email from Tesla saying “Model Y test drives are around the corner” 😬More and more Model Ys are coming!

From issue #114

Standard Range Model Y and seven-seater option available!

Tesla just launched the Standard Range Rear-Wheel drive Model Y as well as the 7 seat option, meaning Model Y now starts at $42,000 and an additional $3,000 for the third-row option. The option of the Y Standard Range was surprising since Elon said a while ago on Twitter that they were planning on releasing the LR RWD and not the Standard Range Model Y.

In case you didn’t’ t know, I placed an order for a LR AWD Model Y with the seven-seat configuration back in March 2019 when the Y was first announced. I can’t wait to drive it!

If you’re thinking about purchasing a Model Y and we have been helpful to you in any way, please consider using our referral code

From issue #146

Tesla changes Model S and Model X delivery timeframes for new orders only

This only applies to new orders:

  • Model S Long Range: August – September 2021
  • Model S Plaid: June – July 2021
  • Model S Plaid+: mid-2022 (unchanged)
  • Model X Long Range: October – November
  • Model X Plaid: October – November
From issue #162

Tesla innovating on vehicle deliveries

It’s well known that Tesla has been trying to improve the vehicle delivery experience, especially at the end of the quarter when things get crazy. That is why Tesla has started two new ways of delivering cars, Express Delivery and Tesla Direct Drop. Tesla Direct Drop is completely touchless which is convenient given the current state of affairs.

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From issue #104

Tesla Model S Plaid delivery event, June 3 at our California factory

The first Model S Plaid cars will be going to owners as soon as June 3rd and, to celebrate it, Tesla is doing a delivery event on June 3 in Fremont. If you happen to be one of the people invited to the event and want to bring me with you … I won’t say no 😉

From issue #165

Tesla to start deliveries of the Model Y 7-seater in Q2?

User @handytsla on Twitter has been contacted by Tesla to get delivery of his Model Y Performance 7-seater in Q2. This same owner had been contacted regarding his Model Y Performance 5-seater reservation earlier this month and Tesla had said he’ll have to wait for the 7-seater.

We hold a reservation for a Model Y 7-seater too (Long Range, AWD)… Tesla if you are listening, you have my number, so call me maybe 💃

From issue #109

Update on the Model Y 7-seater

According to Elon on Twitter, Tesla is ahead of schedule with the Model Y 7-seater: production planned to start in November, first deliveries in December 2020. Yes! Thank you John @teslaownerssv for asking about this.

From issue #133

Watch app for Tesla released to App Store

This Apple Watch app has been created by a Model 3 owner for his own use but honestly, it looks great. It offers basic controls for locking/unlocking the car, opening the trunk, and controlling the A/C, as well as the current status of the battery.

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From issue #112

We took delivery of our 7-seater Model Y... AMA!

Yesterday, we took delivery of our new 7-seater LR AWD Model Y with 20" Induction Wheels. We were sad to say by to Chispas (our Dec 2017 Model S 75) but so happy to get the new tech and lots of new features! Sharing a few first impressions:

  • Vanessa, who is 5’ 4", fits well in the third row with enough legroom for everyone. I’m 6’ and I was able to sit in the second and first rows comfortably while she was in the third row. Picture in the tweet
  • Love the look of white on white with the 20" wheels
  • One pedal driving, OMG OMG
  • Cameras and dashcam viewer, so nice, I feel like I finally can properly use Sentry Mode
  • A bit of a rougher drive but not noisy
  • The sound system is so much better (we drove home blasting Metallica, Motörhead, and Pantera 🤘)
  • Still getting used to not having the IC screen and missing the turn-by-turn directions of the S
  • And last but not least, the delivery experience was great, the car is flawless

We’re preparing some posts sharing more details and pictures. Have questions? Ask away!

From issue #153