Past Tesletter articles

2021 Tesla Model X Refresh

2021 Tesla Model X Refresh gets detailed by OCDetailing. For those who don’t know, Joshep from OCDetailing is one of the best-known detailers in the Bay Area and in the Tesla community.

From issue #188

Tesla Model S refresh inside look reveals V11 UI, 'Drag Strip Mode', 'Smart Shift', and more

A Tesla owner ran into a Plaid Model S at the Kettleman City and was able to sit inside and snap some pictures of the UI. In the pictures, we can see a total redesign of the software (V11 UI?) as well as some other details, for instance, the inside acceleration mode or the ability to enable and disable smart shift. In the UI, we can also find a ‘Drag Strip Mode’, can you imagine this beast in the drag strip?

From issue #156