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CPO cars will have to be picked up locally from now on

According to this thread published in the TMC Forum, CPO cars will no longer be transported. Transportation would be ending mid August.

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From issue #20

CPO/used lessons learned

drummerboy7816 summarized everything that he has learned from others during the process of purchasing a CPO vehicle from Tesla. Honestly, if you are thinking about purchasing a used vehicle from Tesla, this seems like something that you should print and go through a few times. Great job!

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From issue #56

Non-refurbished CPO Tesla, yay or nay?

bluhorshue explains his experience with the recently delivered (in a week or so) CPO Tesla. «While I could have been happier, I was still very happy with the car at the price I paid, and wouldn’t hesitate to still recommend the CPO program. The people I dealt with were all very pleasant and responsive.»

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From issue #7

Tesla now shipping CPOs (again)

Tesla stopped shipping CPOs a few months ago but either that lowered the sales of CPOs or they are trying to boost the sales towards the end of the year, what matters is that Tesla is shipping CPOs right now again.

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From issue #36

Tesla stops doing cosmetic refurbishments to its CPO cars

They keep their mechanical inspection but - in anticipation of their first batch of leased Model S ending- they have changed their CPO program and now don’t do cosmetic refurbishments.

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From issue #4