Past Tesletter articles

Cybertruck is getting ready for the rodeo

We should expect one, maybe two, Cybertrucks tomorrow, the next-gen Roadster, and the first 4680 Model Ys out there. Exciting day!

From issue #210

First Giga Austin Model Y deliveries going out today

This Twitter user will be taking delivery of their Model Y made in Austin today (4/7) at the Cyber Rodeo.

From issue #210

Flying through Giga Berlin

Another flying through video. Keep them coming, Tesla!

From issue #210

Giga Berlin Fly Through 2.0

Get a bird’s-eye view with the Giga Berlin! This Fly Through 2.0, which we shared the 1.0 version of a few weeks ago, showcases the progress at Giga Berlin, offering a pretty cool POV into Tesla’s latest manufacturing innovations. Giga Berlin is impressive and pretty. Keep up the good work, Tesla!

From issue #307

Giga Nevada Milestone - 1 Mil Battery Packs

Giga Nevada - the first Giga Factory - has built 1,000,000 battery packs since it started operating in 2017. Good job team!

From issue #180

Happy Cyber Rodeo

Many Tesla owners and supporters are today in Austin to celebrate the new Giga Austin with a big party. Everyone, have fun and tweet lots of pictures and videos!

From issue #210

Model Y MIB improvements in soundproofing

In the pictures, we can observe how the Made in Berlin Model Y added more foam compared to the MIC one. They discovered these changes when replacing the headliner.

From issue #212

Model Y Quick Silver from Giga Berlin

We’ve shared pictures of this new color before, and it definitely looks amazing! It’s probably my new favorite Tesla color.

From issue #247

New doors on Giga Berlin Model Y

Cloth-covered cup holders and the wood grain on the doors that we’ve seen in MIC Ys before.

From issue #210

Tesla Gigafactory 3 Shanghai body in white

Is it just me or these videos of the factories are just amazing?

From issue #208

Tesla offering a new Model Y AWD with 4680 cells, accelerated delivery

Tesla is offering reservation holders near Giga Austin to change their order to the AWD with 4680 cells Made in Giga Texas and take delivery sooner.

From issue #217