Hardware 4

Past Tesletter articles

2023.12.300.1 adds park assist for HW4 vehicles

Good news for owners with HW4! In the latest software release, they will now receive park assist features, complete with visual and audio alerts of surrounding objects.

From issue #271

Cameras on HW4

We were aware that the HW4 cameras offered four times the resolution of the previous cameras, and after viewing this picture, it’s clear that the image they produce is significantly crisper.

From issue #273

Does my vehicle have HW4

Our friends at Teslascope have developed an easy and safe method for determining whether your car has HW4. The main limitation is that the car needs to be linked to your account, which typically doesn’t happen until the day of your delivery, but this is certainly more convenient than trying to figure it out during delivery. Teslascope doesn’t store any of your data while checking this; all data is cleared as soon as you close your browser. If you are awaiting delivery of a new Model Y and are curious about whether it will come with HW4, I recommend trying this page as soon as the vehicle appears in your account.

From issue #274

Greentheonly taking apart HW4

Greentheonly recently acquired a new Tesla with HW4, and one of the first things he did was disassemble it. He uploaded a series of high-resolution pictures, citing that the existing FCC images are outdated and of poor quality. Despite many people suggesting that HW4 is vision-only, Green posted pictures of the radar that his car is equipped with, adding that all S and X models come with it.

From issue #271

HW4 unit analysis by Greentheonly

The Twitter thread contains a lot more detail and pictures. Greentheonly was able to get a first look into an HW4 unit, and here are some interesting bits:

  • The form factor is totally different, which most likely rules out retrofits.
  • The CPU cores range from 12 to 20 (5 clusters of 4 cores each), maxing at 2.35GHz, and idling at 1.37GHz.
  • There are 12 camera connectors, although one is marked as spare.
  • The name of the connectors seems to indicate that they will be cameras in the bumper, hopefully removing one of the main blind spots of the current system.
From issue #255

Tesla Model Y vehicles are now shipping with Autopilot hardware 4.0

The Not a Tesla App has discovered on the inventory page that Tesla is now selling Model Y cars equipped with HW4. The main upgrades in HW4 include higher-resolution cameras and wider-angle cameras on repeaters.

From issue #269

Tesla’s Hardware 4.0 may be capable of bird's eye

As we mentioned earlier, HW4 seems to be adding cameras in the bumpers. One can only hope that this means Tesla will be adding the much-requested bird’s-eye view if it’s true.

From issue #255

What is the field of view of the repeater cameras on HW4, you ask?

RyanZohoury shared his experience with HW4 on Twitter. The repeater cameras can now see almost 90° from the side of the car. This much wider angle should help reduce the need to creep as much at intersections. Thanks, Ryan, for sharing!"

From issue #259