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MCU1 owners are finally getting software updates with 2020.4

January 25, 2020

After a month without any updates, Tesla owners with MCU1 have finally started getting them again. 2020.4 comes with 'Additional Vehicle Information' and most of the missed features released in the 'holiday update'. Here are all the details.

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88 Tesla Voice Commands: Every Voice Command

In the last firmware, Tesla dramatically expanded its voice commands. This is a good compilation of them by our friend Mother Frunker.

From issue #92

New voice commands

As advanced a few week ago by greentheonly, a bunch of new voice commands are now out.

From issue #60

Tesla voice commands list updated

It had been a while since this app had been updated. We get it, life happens! But it’s updated now and it’s got to 170 voice commands, wow!

From issue #135

Tesla voice commands web app

Trevor from Tesla Owners Online has released an app to aggregate all the Tesla voice commands, here is a video introducing the app. Trevor is using Glide, which is the same technology that we use to provide a mobile app to our Patrons.

From issue #93