Autonomy day

On April 2019, Tesle held their first 'Autonomy Investor Day'. Elon Musk announced it as the day that 'Tesla will free investors from the tyranny of having to drive their own car'. At the event itself, Tesla shared more of its Full Self-Driving technology and promised robotaxis by 2020. The event had place in Palo Alto, California.

Although it seemed this was going to become a recurrent event every year, there are no plans of an 'Autonomy Investor Day' in 2020 (that we know of).

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Tesla Autonomy Day
Tesla FSD

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Hacked Tesla FSD - Tesla Autonomy Day to San Mateo

Thanks to greentheonly, who gave the instructions, someone in the Bay Area has been able to enable a bunch of internal flags to make a normal Tesla run stock firmware capable of reproducing the FSD Tesla autonomy demo. In the video, you can see that the driver disables AP because ULC was disabled in that particular version and the turning of the car was limited. In the words of greentheonly, “Almost everything that was shown on Autonomy Day is there in regular firmware, sometimes disabled”.

From issue #63