What are the best places to read about Tesla online

What are the best places to read about Tesla online

When I got my Model S, I had no idea where to go to read about Tesla’s software updates or to learn about all the things Tesla I still didn’t know I didn’t know. When the first software update arrived, my family and I were in Spain for the holidays. I was far away from the car so I wanted to know more about what was in the update. And that’s when I started discovering which resources were out there.

If you’re like me, you’ll want to know where to go and read about Tesla and you won’t have enough with Tesla’s blog. But if you don’t have time to do as much reading as I do about one single topic, you can subscribe to Tesletter at https://tesletter.com (thank you!) and get the most relevant Tesla news- not necessarily the most popular- directly in your inbox every week. And if you still want to know where the most helpful information about Tesla can be found online, I’ll share my top 5 places:

Tesla Motors Club (TMC)

TMC Forums were my go-to place during the first few months. I’m sure any questions you may have has already been answered in there. Plus you’ll find lots of great answers to questions you don’t even know you have yet. Or if you’re a Model 3 owner, check out Tesla Owners Online.


The Tesla subreddit is an excellent place to get the latest and greatest, and a really good place to get more geeky stuff like batteries/tires/packages comparisons and calculations, Tesla patent details, hacks and DIY, and such.


Great quality content, a bit more selective than other media outlets covering Tesla, always a great resource.


CleanTechnica is a great media outlet. It’s one of the biggest ones, and it offers great coverage of all things Tesla. CleanTechnica surely doesn’t miss a new feature released by Tesla and always publishes great quality information, pictures, and videos.


Elon Musk himself publishes a lot of information about Tesla’s upcoming software releases and he often answers questions asked by Tesla owners and fans on Twitter. However, that’s not all. The Tesla community on Twitter is huge and really amazing. You can always start by following popular hashtags or Twitter accounts of Tesla related media outlets, YouTubers, and aftermarket accessories. This is my top 10 of people/brands which, in my opinion, share the most and more relevant information about Tesla on Twitter:

  • @greentheonly Continous source of information about the software in our cars
  • @Wk057 Another well-known tinkerer. Owner - and builder - of the only P100++ and in general expert on Tesla internals
  • @Model3Owners Great resource, not just for Model 3 owners!
  • @Teslamodel3fan Lots of interesting information about Tesla
  • @Bonnienorman The legend says that Bonnie talked about Tesla even before Tesla even existed
  • @vincent13031925 Everything Tesla, Giga3 and Tesla in China
  • @TeslaParaTodos For Spanish-speaking Tesla enthusiasts
  • @tesla_raj His Twitter is good but his YouTube channel is even better!
  • @minimalduck Awesome pictures
  • @Gfilche Information about Tesla stock

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