Past Tesletter articles

Auto cooled seats in the Tesla app

Not that long ago, Tesla introduced auto-heated seats on the mobile app. Now, for folks with cooled seats (new Model S and X), you can use the same functionality to set them to auto cool.

From issue #213

Giveaway Alert: Win a Jeda Tray

It’s been a while since the last giveaway but we’re back! This week we’ve partnered with Jeda to give away one Jeda Tray for Model 3 or Model Y. Head out to Twitter to participate. Good luck!

From issue #207

Giveaway Alert: Win a lighted T for your Tesla

This week we’re partnering with Evannex to give away a lighted T for your Tesla (you choose the model). Check out pinned tweet to participate. Good luck!

From issue #150

Mobile charger price reduction

After confirming that the mobile charger won’t come with the cars and possibly afterreading many many complaints on Twitter, Elon announced that Tesla will be dropping the price of the connector to $200 and they will make it easy to order with the car.

From issue #212

Wall Connector and Mobile Charger prices dropped

The price went down to $400, from $495, for the wall charger, and to $200, from $400, for the mobile connector.

From issue #214

You can now order the Wall Connector and Mobile Connector with your car

A couple of weeks ago, Tesla announced they were removing the mobile connector from their new cars, for purchases after April 17th, 2022. Now, as promised, Tesla has streamlined their purchase process to easily add on the mobile connector or the wall charger.

From issue #214