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AI Day #2

This Friday, September 30, is the second edition of the Tesla AI Day, and while this event is mainly focused on recruiting, I found the one last year fascinating and packed with great information. We should expect the event around 5 pm Pacific Time. If you are interested in the live stream, you should be able to find it on Tesla’s Youtube channel

From issue #235

Andrej Karpathy: Tesla AI, Self-Driving, Optimus, Aliens, and AGI

Great, and long, interview with Andrej by Alex Fridman. This is the full clip of the previous entry. If you are curious to know more about how Andrej sees the world, AI, and others, give it a listen.

From issue #240

Auto labeling based on a multi-trip reconstruction

Another interesting part of the presentation, instead of using just one video, Tesla uses multiple clips for a given scene in order to label them, giving them more angles and details that won’t be possible to extract from one clip only.

From issue #236

First view Optimus doing day-to-day tasks

I have to say, to me, it was pretty exciting to see Tesla going from a person in a costume to a real robot performing some tasks, and even walking on stage. I hope they keep the speed of innovation, I can see how Optimus can help with some of the most dangerous or boring tasks for humans.

From issue #236

Great tweet thread summary about Tesla AI Day

If you weren’t able to watch it or you just want to see a concise cool summary, check out the thread.

From issue #178

Layman's explanation of Tesla AI Day

Great, detailed, and simple explanation of what Tesla presented during AI Day. Fantastic writeup ๐Ÿ”

From issue #179

Tesla AI Day #2 on Aug 19

Elon just announced the date for the next Tesla AI Day on Twitter and he said there will be many cool updates. These events are mainly to attract talent to Tesla, and they always show some cool stuff. What do you expect Tesla to showcase?

From issue #217

Tesla AI Day in 23 Minutes (Supercut)

The entire presentation lasted three hours and twenty minutes but here you can see a supercut in just 23 minutes. If you are into technology, software, and robotics, I think the entire presentation is worth watching, if not, this one is still pretty interesting and gives a good idea of what Tesla presented.

From issue #236

Tesla AI Day pushed to September 30

According to Elon, this opens the door to a possible working prototype of Optimus (Tesla’s Robot).

From issue #219

Tesla AI Day, Optimus, Dojo with James Douma

If the three-and-a-half presentation wasn’t enough, here is another hour-and-a-half-long video of Dave Lee and James Douma analyzing the stuff presented during AI day. Jame’s insights are always great, thank you for the video.

From issue #237

Tesla releases new deep-dive presentations on its Dojo AI supercomputer

Dojo is Tesla’s in-house supercomputer for Machine Learning. According to previous information released, Dojo should help automate a lot of the manual labeling and reduce the cost of Tesla’s AI cluster at the same time. In a recent presentation, Tesla shared more details about Dojo’s architecture and its processing pipeline.

From issue #231

Why Tesla removed Radar and Ultrasonic sensors?

There has been a lot of speculation about why Tesla removed the radar a few months ago and the ultrasonic sensors more recently from their cars. In this interview with Lex Fridman, you can hear Andrej Karpathy, former director of AI at Tesla, explaining why. TLDR; more sensors don’t always mean better, in this case, is a distraction to the system and not worth having them in the car.

From issue #240