Artificial intelligence

Past Tesletter articles

Great tweet thread summary about Tesla AI Day

If you weren’t able to watch it or you just want to see a concise cool summary, check out the thread.

From issue #178

Layman's explanation of Tesla AI Day

Great, detailed, and simple explanation of what Tesla presented during AI Day. Fantastic writeup ๐Ÿ”

From issue #179

Tesla AI Day #2 on Aug 19

Elon just announced the date for the next Tesla AI Day on Twitter and he said there will be many cool updates. These events are mainly to attract talent to Tesla, and they always show some cool stuff. What do you expect Tesla to showcase?

From issue #217

Tesla AI Day pushed to September 30

According to Elon, this opens the door to a possible working prototype of Optimus (Tesla’s Robot).

From issue #219