Tesla Version 10.0 or v10 started rolling out to the fleet in October 2019. This is Tesla’s biggest software update, including amazing new features like Tesla Theater and streaming media and browser support, as well as long-awaited surprises like the Spotify integration available in all markets (including the US). Read more about Tesla’s v10 release on Tesla’s site.

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Tesla V10 and Spötify, all you ever wanted to know

October 8, 2019

For us leaving outside Europe, the Spotify integration for Tesla has finally arrived with V10. We’re big fans of Spotify and have been Premium users for about ten years now, so we’d like to share a trick or two.

Tesla V10 and MCU 1

October 1, 2019

Last week Tesla started rolling out V10 but there are still quite a few Tesla owners who don’t have it. I’m getting quite a few questions about what upgrades you get if you have Media Control Unit version 1 (MCU1), so I decided to summarize what I know. Let me know if you have unanswered questions!

Exclusive look at Enhanced Summon and Autopilot coming in v10

September 5, 2019

I've had access to a few videos of a Model 3 running 2019.28.3.11 - an Early Access only release. I want to share what I think is interesting in these videos with you. These new videos showcase a few features that I expect will be released to the general public under version 10 of the firmware.

Videos about V10

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Come to me!

Another recent addition to Tesla’s mobile app is the “Come to me” button on the home screen of the app, right below the car. My favorite part of the feature is the visualization of what the car actually sees around it.

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From issue #79

Exclusive look at Enhanced Summon and Autopilot coming in v10

I’ve had access to a few videos of a Model 3 running 2019.28.3.11 - an Early Access only release. As always, I want to share what I think is interesting in these videos with you. These new videos showcase a few features that I expect will be released to the general public under the version 10 of the firmware, hopefully in a couple of months.

I’ve summarized the upcoming features in this blog post.

From issue #75

First look at Tesla v10 release notes: Here’s what’s coming

v10 got released to folks in the Early Access Program a few days ago, here’s what’s new:

  • Tesla Theater: As Elon advanced on Twitter, Tesla are getting Netflix and YouTube through dedicated apps
  • Caraoke: Card + Karaoke = Caraoke. This feature allows users to sign along their favorite tracks. According to the release notes, this feature is only available while in park. We think it’d be fun to have it while driving too, for passengers only of course
  • Cuphead: Tesla Arcade is getting some serious games, Cuphead was announced a while ago and now is hitting the cars
  • I’m feeling lucky / I’m feeling hungry: As we advanced a few weeks ago thanks to greentheonly, these two options are now part of the navigation
  • Maps improvements: When searching for a destination the autocomplete now shows the distance to the place
  • Sentry mode improvements: Sentry mode now records videos in a new folder to easily distinguish between Sentry recorded videos and Dashcam videos that you saved. It also overrides older Sentry videos when full
  • Joe Mode: Quieter chimes to avoid waking up your Joe’s family
  • Driving visuals: Additional objects, lane lines, and adjust the zoom and viewing angle
  • Automatic lane change: The visualization now displays where the car is going

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From issue #77

Folks in the Early Acess program can now operate their windows from the mobile app

A new version of the mobile app just introduced the ability to operate the windows from it. The app now shows the option “vent” and when you tap on it the car drops all four windows about 3 inches. When the windows aren’t completely closed the label on the button changes to “close”, and tapping it closes all four windows." It’s great to see this new functionality added to the app!

From issue #78

Introducing Software Version 10.0

We’ve been talking about V10 for a few weeks now and we had a good idea of what was coming but, apart from the highly expected addintion of YouTube, Netflix, Caraoke, Smart Summon, etc. Tesla kept a few secrets until the final release. These are some of the things in the final GA that we hadn’t heard about before:

  • Spotify: Probably one of the highests expected features for non-European Tesla owners. As a premium subscriber of Spotify for 10 years, I couldn’t be happier
  • Crack all your windows 3 inches to vent or close them. Only available for Model 3 and X
  • Model 3 SR+ and SR now get browser access as well as YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, TuneIn, and Slacker while connected to Wi-Fi

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From issue #79

More teasers about v10

Elon recently shared on Twitter a couple of new pieces of info about the upcoming v10:

Can’t wait to know everything that will come in v10!

From issue #72

Tesla Enhanced Summon for upcoming v10 release ‘almost perfect,’ says Elon Musk

We’ve been waiting for Enhanced Summon (also called Smart Summon) for a long time now, but according to the videos that we have recently seen and to Elon’s tweet, it is getting closer to something that Tesla can release to more people. Elon just announced that (hopefully) there will be a wide release for folks in the Early Access Program. For what we know, not everyone in the program tests everything and we’re also wondering is if this would include folks who purchased FSD as Elon has said in the past.

From issue #76

Tesla Smart Summon takes on speed bumps and shadows in run up to v10 release

Smart Summon keeps improving, this video shows it dealing with speed bumps (and pretty well, I’d say).

From issue #72

Tesla V10 and Spotify

Vanessa and I have been Premium users of Spotify for ten years so we’re really excited about finally having Spotify in our Tesla. That is why Vanessa decided to record a video going over how to use Spotify in your Tesla with a couple of nifty tricks. Watch it and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

From issue #80

Tesla Version 10 Smart Summon

Very impressive new video of a Model 3 with v10 and Smart Summon, really confident. I can’t wait to experience it myself.

From issue #78

v10 browser got awesome

With v10 the Tesla browser can stream video from a lot of different websites like PLEX, Spotify, or Hulu, essentially most streaming services just work. This only works while in parking and can’t be put in full screen mode but it’s still pretty amazing.

From issue #77

v10 going to all early access users in the US next week

We know people in the Early Access program just started getting v10 a couple of days ago. According to Elon everyone in the Early Access Program including everyone who purchased FSD! will get it next week 🤞

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From issue #77

v10 is coming in the next months

Elon recently shared on Twitter some details about v10, the next big release of the software in our cars. Here is a summary of what he said:

  • To be released in August (if testing goes really well). But probably more like September.
  • It will include several games & infotainment features.
  • Ability to stream YouTube & Netflix when car is stopped.
  • Improved highway Autopilot and better traffic light & stop sign recognition. Are we going to see the first features of the FSD pack out to the fleet?
  • Will include a text message phone feature that reads messages through the speaker and can text back for you via voice.
  • After someone complained about chimes when the family is sleeping in the car, Elon said he is hopping to get “Joe Mode” in v10. “Joe Mode” would lower the volume of strident beeps & chimes by half.

Our only observation is that both the infotaiment features and new games are probably only going out to cars with MCU2. Elon repeated on Twitter that there will be a path for people with MCU1 to pay and get upgraded to MC2. We tried contacting Tesla and they said this isn’t out yet but they hinted it is in the works and more info will be released soon 🤞

From issue #70