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Tesla Mobile Service is currently available throughout North America and continues to rapidly expand coverage worldwide.

Tesla Mobile Service, if available in your area, is a hassle-free experience that doesn't have an additional cost.

You can use the Tesla app to schedule, modify or cancel an appointment with Tesla's Mobile Service.

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Tesla Mobile Service

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How much does it cost to fix a flat tire in a Tesla Model S

February 28, 2020

I got a flat tire on my Model S' rear right tire the other day. What do you do without a spare tire and how much does it cost to replace a tire in a Tesla Model S?

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Android App now showing estimated completion of service

Tesla has been working on making improvements to the service side of the house. A couple of months ago they started sending service updates via text message and push notifications, now they have started showing the estimated completion time of service directly in the app, as well as intermediate steps like ‘waiting for parts’, or ‘service scheduled on [date]’. I really like seeing improvements in this area, it’s always stressful to not have your car and not knowing when you are going to get it back.

Read more: Reddit

From issue #68

Invoice from Tesla technician who showed up at a Supercharger

This Redditor posted about their experience at a Supercharger where a Tesla technician showed up, Tesla sent him there to see if he could assist and he helped this owner by checking tire pressure as well as degradation, all for free 🤩

From issue #168

Ride along with Tesla Mobile Service and fix some electric cars

Tesla Mobile Service is a great idea and in addition to being very convenient, it allows Tesla to scale their service without the need of real state. A couple of interesting points in the video:

  • Tesla is going to start using Model X for bigger jobs
  • 30% of airbag recalls are handled by Mobile Service

Enjoy the ride along and watch the video on Youtube

From issue #64

Scheduling collision repair with Tesla Service

Tesla has officially announced that their service centers and their mobile service are now offering minor collision repairs. And you can do request it via the mobile app. This is really good news since it is one of the most common repairs. We actually recently had to replace our fender and bumper after hitting a pole getting out of a parking space, here you can read more about it.

From issue #66

Tesla’s Elon Musk pledges to expedite service center openings

Service seems to be one of the areas where Tesla still needs to scale a bit more - mobile service is great but sometimes you need a full-service center - as they keep on selling cars. Good to see that Elon is on top of this issue.

From issue #179

What to do if you get a flat tire in your Tesla

Is it considered an emergency? Will Tesla repair it? How much does it cost? I hope you don’t have to get through this, but if you do, here is Tesla Raj’s experience.

From issue #99