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Celebrating issue #100

I can't believe it's been 100 issues (and almost 2 years!) since we started the Tesletter adventure. Before purchasing my Model S, I was already a big technology guy and like most of my friends, I had played with the idea of owning a Tesla... one day.

The moment I started participating in forums I discovered something I hadn't considered: In addition to having great products, Tesla had a terrific community. But if you're part of it, you already know this. And all I can say is I am humbled to be part of it.

The community is Tesla's moat. And we're all part of it. Zoom in for a closer look ;-)

As part of our journey, we've been lucky enough to meet quite a few other Tesla enthusiasts in person. We've made good friends and partners along they way but we not always have the time to share our stories about how we drove a Tesla for the first time or what made it so special for us.

To celebrate our issue number 100, we wanted to pay a special tribute to the community, so we have asked a few of you- it was impossible to reach out to everyone!- to share your Tesla stories with us.

So here you go, we present you a 'hundred' different ways of falling in love with Tesla. A wholehearted thank you to all who have participated in this project. Tesletter wouldn't be what it is today without all of you ❤️

A 'hundred' different ways of falling in love with Tesla

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