EVmom (@evmom111)

This is part of our 100 issue celebration publication where we pay tribute to the Tesla community by sharing just a few of the stories that brought us all here.

Hi, I'm EVmom and I have a 2017 Model X 100D and a 2013 Model S 85.

The first time I drove a Tesla...
In early 2013, we met a local Tesla owner in the Charleston, SC area where we lived at the time. He was more than willing to meet up with us for a test ride - his idea! - and gladly took us out one beautiful, sunny day. My husband drove first, and the whole time, the both of us were in awe. As soon as my husband got behind the wheel, I saw the smile on his face and I knew this was our next car no matter how we had to save for it or make it work! My husband had already been researching Tesla and had been talking Tesla incessantly before we met this nice owner. I'll admit, it took experiencing the car for me to grasp what this was all about; and it was awesome. The owner was so happy to share this experience with us. He was our first introduction into the Tesla community; so welcoming, and so excited to share this with us.

Favorite thing about my car
It is so unbelievably convenient. We have 3 kids and one more on the way, and I can't talk up this vehicle enough as a great, safe, family vehicle.

Least favorite thing about my car
Sometimes the voice command gets a little wonky when pulling out of the garage (because it takes a second to change from using the home wifi to the network) but really that's just me being impatient when I want it to do something.

I wish my Tesla had...
We opted for a lot of great features, but both our vehicles don't have the newest computer (that had the cameras for sentry mode & FSD capabilities). We knew that when we purchased, of course better tech would be in the newer vehicles in coming years, so we're still happy with what we have! But we'll have to get retrofitted in the X if it's possible. It's not possible in the S, and that's okay. But in the future, we may opt for a newer Tesla at some point.

My favorite accessory
Tesla's all-weather interior mats

If I could ask Elon Musk one question, that would be...
Honestly I'm not sure... that's a great question.

Why Tesla?
Emission free, safe for the family, amazing technology, the best drive EVER, and it's changed everything about how we live and what we do. My husband was so conservative with gas before, and we drove our prius and Sonata hybrid. He hypermiled and I learned some techniques from him on how to do so myself. But Tesla removed the headache and frustration of using gas &paying for it, the concern over using foreign oil & directly polluting the environment. I honestly didn't care abour cars at all before driving Tesla.

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