Kim Paquette

This is part of our 100 issue celebration publication where we pay tribute to the Tesla community by sharing just a few of the stories that brought us all here.

Hi, my name is Kim Paquette and I have a Model 3 called Joules.

The first time I drove a Tesla...
2015 test driving a P85D. It was exhilarating and unlike any car I’d ever driven. I knew instantly we were buying a Model S.

Favorite thing about my car
Navigate on Autopilot (NoAP). Game changer since I have a long commute in Boston traffic.

Least favorite thing about my car
Having to explain to people how to open and close the doors. (Interior bottom and exterior handles.)

I wish my Tesla had...
Nothing else :)

My favorite accessory
Oscar and Hamish frunk bags

If I could ask Elon Musk one question, that would be...
How is he able to see the long game and have the patience to wait for the mission to succeed.

Why Tesla?
I believe in the mission. I strongly believe we need to get off fossil fuels - and they’re just better than ICE cars.

Because we 💚 Tesla

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