Tyler (Teslascope)

This is part of our 100 issue celebration publication where we pay tribute to the Tesla community by sharing just a few of the stories that brought us all here.

Hi, my name is Tyler and I have a Mode 3 Perormance called Nautilus.

The first time I drove a Tesla...
I never drove a Tesla prior to purchasing mine! I knew from the moment I saw Tesla's vehicles that I wanted one and felt very confident in that decision. I did a ton of research prior and made sure I knew everything about the Model 3 before taking delivery.

Favorite thing about my car
Autopilot (and atonomy in general) along with Tesla's fantastic focus on software and it's OS. With every software update comes a new fresh feeling of car ownership rushing back over and over again. As a developer/designer, I appreciate what Tesla has accomplished this far.

Least favorite thing about my car
I guess I'd say the build quality; my vehicle was pretty early on in production (~first 70K Model 3) so there's been some issues on occasion from being built in 'the tent'. However, practically everything has been resolved (for free!) at my local service center with time and patience.

I wish my Tesla had...
Back window wiper, haha. That's about it! Tons of features I look forward to and wish for it's OS, but too many to go into here. :)

My favorite accessory

If I could ask Elon Musk one question, that would be...
What drives you?

Why Tesla?
It has changed my life and Tesla / Elon Musk has inspired me more than anything prior. Tesla's are fantastic vehicles and I recommend it to anyone and everyone.

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