Tesla 'Premium Connectivity' cost and packages

Tesla 'Premium Connectivity' cost and packages

Tesla has finally announced its new Internet connectivity packages, a year and a half after they first introduced their plans for a ‘Premium Connectivity’ subscription. We know you have lots of questions about it, so that’s what we’re here for.

Plans and cost

Starting on January 1, 2020, Tesla is going to offer two different connectivity packages:

  • Standard Connectivity - included in all cars
  • Premium Connectivity - $9,99 monthly subscription

Am I going to lose my Internet connection in the car?

Tesla owners who purchased their cars on or before June 30, 2018 are being grandfathered the new ‘Premium Connectivity’ package and will be able to keep access to all the same features they can enjoy today. They are automatically subscribed for the lifetime of the car.

Otherwise, connectivity will be kept for navigation but everything else like Tesla Theater, Tesla Arcade, Internet browsing, etc. will no longer be available with the ‘Standard Connectivity’ package. Tesla owners affected by this change should’ve been notified by email on December 7-8, 2019.

In order to avoid losing access to video and audio streaming, live traffic visualization, etc., the new ‘Premium Connectivity’ package is already available for subscription from the Tesla account.


As already mentioned, if the car’s software update is kept up to date, connectivity plans are not going to affect the core Autopilot navigation functionality. Here are the main differences between the ‘Standard Connectivity’ and the ‘Premium Connectivity’ package:

Connectivity Packages
Standard (included)
Premium ($9.99/mo plus tax)
Live Traffic Visualization
Satellite-View Maps
Video Streaming*
Music Streaming*
Internet Browser*

(*) Accessible over Wi-Fi for ‘Standard Connectivity’

Over-the-air software updates

All cars- regardless of their connectivity subscription- will continue to receive over-the-air software updates, and that they will continue to require to be connected to the Wi-Fi to ensure you can download and install new updates. Tesla already said a long time ago that there would be no changes hare, they push a lot of data with each new update and they plan to continue offering updates over Wi-Fi only.

Trial period

All Model S, Model X and Model 3 with Premium Interior ordered on or after July 1, 2018, get a ‘Premium Connectivity’ trial for one year, beginning at the delivery date.

And all deliveries of Model 3 SR and SR+ on or before December 31, 2019, get a 30-day ‘Premium Connectivity’ trial.

What happens with the ‘Premium Connectivity’ subscription if I trade-in or sell my car?

If ‘Premium Connectivity’ is included in your car at no cost, it will be removed automatically at the time of trade-in. If the car is sold privately, ‘Premium Connectivity’ will remain for future owners for the lifetime of the car.

If you’re subscribed to ‘Premium Connectivity’ and sell your car privately, you will need to log into your Tesla Account to cancel your subscription. If you trade-in your car, your subscription will be canceled automatically at the time of trade-in.

Read more about Tesla’s connectivity packages on their website.

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