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Early access program

There were a bunch of invites sent out to folks to be part of the Early Access Program between Monday and Tuesday. It’s the first time in a long time that we hear about new people invited to the program - we assume this was happening but people weren’t talking about it. Tesla also sent an email to all of them in cc (facepalm) and we counted ~2000 testers in the Early Access Program. We think Tesla is trying to complete all the hardware variations and some other scenarios so they can release updates with more confidence, which is pretty exciting!

Tesla, if you are there we would be more than happy to help testing future firmware, just send us an invite. Pleeeeeease ;)

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From issue #27

FSB Beta is getting more exposure and soon it'll be possible to download the Beta from your car

This past week Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla’s FSD Beta is maturing and thus it’s going to get to more and more cars. Some clubs have been collecting requests for owners to get access to it, and demand has been so high that Tesla has decided to add a ‘Download Beta’ button in the Service section of the car display by the end of next week. On tapping the button, the user would have to agree with some legal stuff, but after that, the car will download the latest FSD Beta as soon as it connects to WiFi. Woot?!

From issue #154

Making aggressive, human-like maneuvers in complex traffic situations

This is FSD Beta version 2020.44.15.3. Impressive how the car gets out of the parking lot by itself. An incredible human-like right turn (also illegal 😬) after AP realizes it’s on the incorrect lane. This update also seems to be improving the way Autopilot reacts to pedestrians, stopping at, and giving them plenty of room and time.

From issue #140

New Autopilot visualization animation in 2019.28.3.7

People in the Early Access Program have now a new AP visualization when changing lanes.

The same version allows the driver to zoom in and rotate.

Cool stuff!

From issue #74

No button, at least for now

According to Elon, given the fundamental changes in the FSD Beta that are currently underway, there isn’t much point in more testing of the 8.X version, he expects to deliver v9 in April and add the ‘Download FSD Beta’ button then.

From issue #156

Release notes for 2019.36

This is what version 2019.36, currently only in early access, will bring us:

  • Regen works all the way to zero. Before, it only worked above 5 mph
  • You can now set a time to stop charging at a certain time
  • Scheduled departure: Finish charging + turning the climate control
  • A power increase of 5%
  • Automatic navigation: Automatically routes you to the location associated with your upcoming calendar events

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From issue #83

The Button is pushed to May, FSD subscription expected the same month

Just yesterday, Elon shared that the Autopilot team is trying to get the probability of no injury above 99.999999% of miles for city driving and that he expects the famous ‘Download Button’ to drop next month along with the FSD Subscription. I wonder if this will be V9 or if that is going to get to testers before then.

From issue #159