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Pinch and zoom - Tesla Early Access Program - 2019.28.3.11

Autopilot can see in 3D and now Tesla is giving us much more information via the screen. We can see that now we can zoom in and out as well as rotate the camera using our fingers. Wait right until the end to see a new type of vehicle now rendered by the software.

Tesla Autopilot new lane change visuals - Tesla Early Access Program - 2019.28.3.11

New visuals when the car changes lanes it's very cool, it gives more information to the driver about what the car is doing which would increase the confidence in the system. The attendtion to detail is amazing, the silhouette that shows where the car is going has the rearview mirrors and as you rotate the cars the stars on top of it move as well.

Tesla new traffic visuals now display pickup trucks - Tesla Early Access Program - 2019.28.3.11

Tesla added one more car render to their list, in the software that is now being tested as part of the Early Access Program the screen renders pickup trucks. If you pay attention to the video (00:28) it displays a pickup truck coming from behind as an SUV until it is close enough to recognize its shape and then it changes.

Tesla v10 Early Access shows cars coming from the other direction and double yellow line

With v10 Tesla is introducing better visualizations, in this one we can see how the car sees and recognizes double yellow lines. Another interesting detail is that the car renders multiple lanes for upcoming traffic.

Tesla v10 Early Access shows turning cars

With v10 Tesla is introducing better visualizations, in this one we can see how the car turn in from of the Model 3. As you can see not all cars are rendered correctly but a lot of them do, also notice that in this one cars aren't dancing anymore although we've been told that they still dance a bit.

Past Tesletter articles

Early access program

There were a bunch of invites sent out to folks to be part of the Early Access Program between Monday and Tuesday. It’s the first time in a long time that we hear about new people invited to the program - we assume this was happening but people weren’t talking about it. Tesla also sent an email to all of them in cc (facepalm) and we counted ~2000 testers in the Early Access Program. We think Tesla is trying to complete all the hardware variations and some other scenarios so they can release updates with more confidence, which is pretty exciting!

Tesla, if you are there we would be more than happy to help testing future firmware, just send us an invite. Pleeeeeease ;)

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From issue #27

New Autopilot visualization animation in 2019.28.3.7

People in the Early Access Program have now a new AP visualization when changing lanes.

The same version allows the driver to zoom in and rotate.

Cool stuff!

From issue #74

Release notes for 2019.36

This is what version 2019.36, currently only in early access, will bring us:

  • Regen works all the way to zero. Before, it only worked above 5 mph
  • You can now set a time to stop charging at a certain time
  • Scheduled departure: Finish charging + turning the climate control
  • A power increase of 5%
  • Automatic navigation: Automatically routes you to the location associated with your upcoming calendar events

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From issue #83