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Issue 133 - Many changes coming to the Model 3

Autopilot & FSD

Limited FSD beta releasing on Tuesday next week

At first, this will be limited to a limited number of people. I believe not everyone from the Early Access Program will have access, unclear who will get it. Can it please send it to my car?🤞

More about the Autopilot rewrite

This week Elon shared more about the FSD computer and the Autopilot rewrite they’ve been talking about for a while now: “Tesla FSD computer’s dual SoCs function like twin engines on planes — they each run different neural nets, so we do get full use of 144 TOPS, but there are enough nets running on each to allow the car to drive to safety if one SoC (or engine in this analogy) fails.”

Software, hardware, and price updates

2020.40.4 introduces maps version and speed download

As of 2020.40.4, Tesla now shows you two new pieces of information: maps firmware and download speed. A lot has happened since the times without even a progress bar. Maybe the size of the download could be next? 😅

Tesla’s new structural battery pack

With the new 4680 battery cells announced at Battery Day, Tesla is going to be abandoning its famous battery skateboard design. This article provides a detailed explanation on what and why this change now.

Related to this, we’ve recently learned that Giga Berlin will use 4680 cells with the structural battery pack, and front and rear single piece castings (on top of a new paint system).

New Model S price reduction

Right after Tesla has cut the price of the Model S by $4,200, Elon has said on Twitter that they’re reducing its price again to $69,420 (Long Range Plus version). This would be the third time that the Model S gets a price reduction this year, bringing Model S 2020 discounts to over $10,000. Not bad!

Model 3/Y updates

Update on the Model Y 7-seater

According to Elon on Twitter, Tesla is ahead of schedule with the Model Y 7-seater: production planned to start in November, first deliveries in December 2020. Yes! Thank you John @teslaownerssv for asking about this.

Tesla update lets you lock Sentry Mode/TeslaCam storage in glovebox

Tesla recently introduced ‘Glovebox PIN’ to secure access to it with a 4-digit pin. As part of the Model 3 2021 refresh, Tesla is also planning on updating the interior of the car to get a USB port on the top left corner of the glovebox. Together, these changes will allow owners to securely lock their Sentry Mode/TeslaCam storage device in the glovebox. Very cool!

For current Model 3 and Model Y owners, you still have the option to get the Jeda USB hub, which enables you to hide the storage device in a hub that seems part of the car and also gives you extra USB ports.

New Model 3 center console and wheels

New wheels for the Model 3 have been spotted. A new console design as well. Lots of changes going on in the 2021 Model 3. I don’t particularly love the new center console, but I’m also a Model S owner, so what do I know 🤷‍♂️ What do you think, yay or nay?

Tinkering & Accessories

Retractable charger setup

We’re always looking for cool hacks to improve our charging situation at home. Here’s a cool trick.

What does the cabin camera in the Model 3/Y try to detect

An interesting finding by @greentheonly. Not that it changes anything, but pretty cool to know!

  • Blinded
  • Dark
  • Eyes closed
  • Eyes down
  • Eyes nominal
  • Eyes up
  • Head down
  • Head trunk
  • Looking left
  • Looking right
  • Phone use
  • Sunglasses eyes likely nominal
  • Sunglasses luckily eyes down

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What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • FSD - Full Self-Driving
  • SoCs - System On A Chip
  • TOPS - Tera Operations Per Second

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