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Issue 107 - S3XY comparison

Ultra-bright LED lights for the Model 3/Y (Sponsor)

These Ultra-bright LED lights are one of the most popular accessories for any Tesla Model. We got the ones for the trunk of our Model S and they are super easy to install. Teslarati is bringing you a full DIY kit for the Β Model 3 and the Model YΒ which includes puddle lights, lights for the driver and passenger footwell, and glove box lights. A perfect DIY project for the weekend!

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Giveaway Alert: Win a Tesla Community Mosaic Puzzle 🧩

The prize of this giveaway is something that quite a few of you have asked for: a puzzle of the Tesla Community Mosaic Poster. Specifically, a 1014 piece puzzle 😱 Check out pinned tweet to participate!

P.S. You can purchase the poster here (we’ll be donating the profits to theTesla Owners of Silicon Valley and Tesla Owners East Bay Clubs). The puzzle is not available to purchase (yet), stay tuned!

Model Y

Model Y tow hitch for $1k

Last week, Tesla introduced a new add on to the Model Y: a tow hitch with a 3500 pound capacity. This seems to be an overnight and unannounced change and is for now available in the US and in Europe. Thank you @tesla_unplugged for the tip!

S3XY comparison

This article offers a unique perspective by a Tesla owner who has owned a Model S, a Model X, a Model 3, and since recently, also a Model Y. He compares each model to the Model Y and offers his verdict in terms of aesthetics, functionality, interior volume, technology, performance, and driveability.

[Video] Model Y review by Edmunds

Model Y AWD Performance with 21" wheels review by Edmunds’ Carlos Lago: “A taller, more accommodating, and powerful version of the Model 3.”

Software updates πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

[Video] Cheetah Launch Mode Testing and Dashcam Viewer in action

DragTimes has tested the new Cheetah Launch Mode with a Raven Model S and shared their impressions in this video: “Easier to engage launch mode and stays on longer before disengaging (~10seconds vs ~5seconds previously); can do more 1/4 mile consecutive runs before it starts to have overheating issues”. See it in action!

ABetterRoutePlanner introduces a bunch of new features and exclusive features for Premium subscribers

One of our favorite tools for road trip planning, ABetterRoutePlanner, is introducing a Premium subscription and a bunch of cool new features with their latest software update. This is what ABRP 4.0 has to offer for Premium subscribers:

Weather forecasts and real time weather, which automatically affects the plan
Real time traffic to give you more realistic driving times
Live charger availability and forecasts for Tesla Superchargers

Production lines

Model 3 MIC LR AWD and Performance announced

Tesla has announced the prices for the new MIC Model 3 AWD LR and Performance models (prices below are before subsidies):

  • LR AWD - RMB 366,550 (52,000 USD)
  • Performance - RMB 419,800 (59,500 USD)

This seems to be a good move to make the Model 3 MIC more competitive, since the price of the Long Range version is ‘only’ 13% more than the Standard Range version. In the US, the cost of the Model 3 LR is 25% more than the SR+ version.

[Video] Third Row Podcast with Elon Musk and Sandy Munro

The Third Row crew talk with Sandy Munro and Elon Musk Tesla manufacturing and hardware.

[Video] Third Row Podcast with Elon Musk and Sandy Munro

The Third Row crew talk with Sandy Munro and Elon Musk Tesla manufacturing and hardware.

Model Ys in Europe will come from Giga Berlin

A couple of weeks ago, we were speculating about this with Lars (@TeslaParaTodos) and Rafael (@TesLatino) in our weekly podcast in Spanish (Es Tesla). Our take was that Model Ys in Europe would probably come from the Giga 4 to avoid delaying production of Model Ys for the US in Fremont, apart from the obvious factors of cost and the fact that the cars will probably be slightly different due to legal regulations in the US and in Europe. Well, now we know for sure.

And we also know that Giga Berlin will “have world’s most advanced paint shop, with more layers of stunning colors that subtly change with curvature”.

Under the hood πŸ€“

[Pics] About the mystery of the Model 3 in-cabin 'selfie' cam

For the first time, @greentheonly and @davidhooperr have managed to get footage of the interior camera of the Model 3. The sensor and the resolution seem to be the same of the rest of the cameras. This camera, located in the rearview mirror, is there for future Robotaxi usage and for now it isn’t active. Thank you both for sharing your findings!


HW2.0 retrofit for MCU2, IC2, Tuner2, and FSD

A couple of months before Tesla announced the availability of the Infotainment upgrade, Kyle (@kyleday) finished this project to upgrade his Model S’ MCU and was even able to keep Tuner2 (which the official Tesla retrofit doesn’t offer).

In his words “I do not encourage you to repeat anything I have done. In fact, now that Tesla is offering the MCU2 and FSD Computer retrofits officially, I highly recommend you go do that.” But if you’re looking for good entertainment- with a successful outcome!- this is it. Thank you Kyle for sharing πŸ™ Enjoy!

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What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • S3XY - Stands for Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y
  • AWD - All-Wheel Drive
  • ABRP - ABetterRoutePlanner.com
  • MIC - Made in China
  • LR - Long Range
  • SR+ - Standard Range Plus
  • HW2 - Autopilot Hardware 2. manufactured after October 2016 and before August 2017
  • MCU2 - Media Control Unit Version 2. It has a more powerful Intel x86_64 processor. All Model 3 have this version as well as the Model S and Model X built after the end of March 2018.
  • IC2 - Instrument Cluster, the screen above the steering wheel. The version goes with the MCU version.
  • FSD - Full Self-Driving

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