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Issue 136 - FSD all the things!

Software & Hardware Updates

New software update 2020.44

Tesla’s latest update 2020.44 is out and it contains quite a few new things regarding audio streaming available to all Tesla models, as well as an enhancement to voice commands and a Launch Mode improvement for Raven Model S and Model X. Thank you @sofiaan for sharing the release notes on Twitter 😊

Model 3 headlight old and new module comparison

Compared to the old Model 3 headlight module, the new one:

  • Has lenses that make light beam more focused
  • Is brighter
  • Can illuminate farther

Has Model Y quality improved?

We all have heard stories of unhappy Model Y owners when deliveries started. Now that it’s been a few months, has the quality of the Model Y improved? Trevor from Tesla Owners Online shares his impressions on a Model Y from September 2020. You’ll be surprised!

Infotainment Upgrade now scheduling for Model S/X built March 2018 or earlier

Owners of Model S and Model X built March 2018 or earlier are now eligible to purchase an Infotainment Upgrade. We published an article when the MCU 2 retrofit first became available with information about features, cost, and reasons to upgrade.

FSD Beta

Full-Self Driving beta on Lombard Street in San Francisco

What happens when FSD attempts the windiest street in the world? What happens when @tesla_raj and @minimalduck collaborate together? We get to watch great videos like this one!

More FSD Beta videos [2020.40.8.12]

A new recap of short FSD Beta videos running the latest update 2020.40.8.12:

  • Roundabout testing. Still not perfect but doing a pretty good job, all things considered!
  • Avoiding road debris. I feel like FSD is definitely getting better at avoiding objects in the middle of the road. What do you think?
  • Charging port open & close FSD beta new UI. The new UI changes coming with the FSD beta make the user experience more intuitive, for example, when opening and closing the charging port.

Elon answers questions about FSD beta updates

Once more, not only Tesla but Elon Musk himself is listeting to what participants of the FSD beta are sharing after experiencing the beta and he’s highly engaged answering questions.

  • Builts being rolled out every 5-10 days
  • Focus is on minimizing number of interventions

Canada and Norway will be the next ones in receiving the FSD beta

Good news for Tesla owners in Norway and Canada since, according to Elon Musk on Twitter, they will be the next ones in receiving the FSD beta after the US goes out of the early beta phase. Nice!

Rebates & Discounts

Apply for $800 Clean Fuel Rebate before end of year

PG&E’s Clean Fuel Rebate is a $800 rebate for PG&E residential electric customers who are EV drivers and is in addition to any federal, state or local incentives you may be eligible for. If you haven’t applied yet, there’s time until December 31, 2020. Note that this program was launched in 2017 and it’s a one-time thing only.

Model 3 and Y accessory bundles

I often get questions by new owners about what accessories to get for their brand new Teslas. The number one thing I recommend is getting storage for Sentry and Dashcam videos. Other than that, it really depends on your needs and budget, but today I wanted to share a few Model 3 and Model Y accessory bundles that include all the basics (and more!) and will definitely help you save some $$

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What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • FSD - Full Self-Driving
  • MCU - Media Control Unit (touchscreen)
  • MCU1 - Has an NVIDIA Tegra-3 chip. All Model S and Model X built before the end of March 2018 have this version.
  • MCU2 - Has a more powerful Intel x86_64 processor. All Model 3 have this version as well as the Model S and Model X built after the end of March 2018.

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