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Issue 131 - To upgrade or not to upgrade

Hardware & Ecosystem

Tesla plans to build original cars both in Berlin and Shanghai

It’s not the first time that Elon Musk shares on social media their plans to build a new Model Y in Berlin different than the one being built in the US. It seems Berlin is not the only Giga where Tesla plans to build original cars, what I wonder is if he was referring to the new compact model announced at the Battery Day, something else, or maybe both?

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We’re partnering with Jeda to give away a Model 3 USB Hub. RT and follow @tesletter on Twitter to participate. The winner will be announced on October 7th. Good luck 🍀

Rumors of a Model 3 AWD SR+ coming soon

Rumors say there will soon be a Model 3 AWD SR+ which I assume will have less range than the current RWD SR+ but will also be a bit more affordable. We shall see.

Amazon launches Ring Car Connect

Ring just launched a new device for your car that can extend Tesla’s Sentry Mode capabilities. Ring Car Connect gets plugged into your Tesla (all models) and taps into its cameras which can then be used in real-time. What kind of features are we talking about? If you’re familiar with Ring’s doorbell camera, we’re talking about similar things: motion and sound alerts, photo capture, cloud storage, etc. I believe Tesla is going to get there sooner or later, but it seems a good move on Ring’s side to win in the car security space outside the Tesla world.

Software updates

Autopilot 2020.36.11

Testing the latest Autopilot update 2020.36.11. Chime on green, stopping for red lights and challenges with lightning, beeps when driving by people, smoother freeway exiting, keeping in the center of the lane in city roads without lights, and in the freeway with blinding lights, and more! Overall, 💪 progress.

New Model Y acceleration boost upgrade

Tesla has released an acceleration boost upgrade for the Model Y. From 0-60 mph from 4.8 seconds to 4.3 seconds. Available for purchase on the Tesla mobile app. Would you pay $2,000 for the extra boost?

Batteries & Range

How big is the new 4680 battery?

3D comparison of Tesla’s newly announced 4680 batteries vs. the Model S and Model 3 ones (18650 and 2170 respectively). Just to give you another perspective.

Visualizing the range of EVs on major highway routes

The comparison uses the EPA range estimate, it’s not a real range test. However, this is still helpful if you’re trying to get your head around EV alternatives in the market. On top of the range and the cost per mile shown in the infographic, it’s good to take into account the EV charging network available (at which Tesla is the clear winner in the market today with its Superchargers network).

Sandy Munro begins battery mock-up after Battery Day

In this video, Sandy gives his thoughts on Tesla’s newly announced 4680 batteries as well as the newly announced front mega casting and structural battery tray. He also mocks up about 1/4 of the current Model Y battery tray with similar sized dummy 4680 batteries.


Cybertruck Transformer, Level 10 autonomy

Mini Model Y version for kids, limited-edition Signature Red. How come I didn’t know about this? My kids are going to need one.

Tesletter Supporters & Sponsors 🙏

Producer Supporters

What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • AWD - All Wheel Drive
  • SR - Standard Range
  • RWD - Rear Wheel Drive
  • EPA - Environmental Protection Agency
  • EV - Electric Vehicle

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