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Issue 102 - One million Teslas is just the beginning

Tesla battery degradation: This is what real data tells us

Ramin from @StatsTeslaApp has written this article about battery degradation backed with real usage data collected from his Tesla Stats App. He frequently gets questions like “My Tesla is only x months old and I am concerned about losing y% of range during this short period of time” and “If this rate of range loss continues, my range will be half of what it is now very quickly”, so he wanted to share what’s really going on after looking at the data.

Thank you, Ramin, for sharing your insights!

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Feynlab: The best option to protect your Tesla

Did you know Feynlab invented the original CERAMIC coating for automotive paint protection? Feynlab products are made in America and distributed in 25+ countries.

Not sure what products are best for your car? Ask them, get a free quote

Images by: Vehicle Enhancement Protection & Appearance (VEPA), official Feynlab installer, Pleasanton, CA

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Congratulations Tesla team on making the 1 millionth car

It took Tesla 12 years to produce 1,000,000 cars (1st Roadster was built in 2008) but is going to take them less than 2 years to produce the second million. 👏💪🙌

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Giveaway Alert: Win a Tronity 1-year license

Tronity is a cloud platform to analyze your car’s data. We like Tronity because they are particularly focused on data protection and security and because they’re contributing to make the charging infrastructure more transparent. They also support multiple EV manufacturers (not only Tesla).

This week, we’re partnering with them to offer 3 1-year Tronity licenses. Check out pinned tweet to participate.

If you’re curious, create an account on Tronity using this link to get 4-week trial for being a Tesletter subscriber. Enjoy!

Does Smart Summon use maps data?

I’m not going to spoil it to you, but watch this cool video with drones and everything by @tesla_talks in collaboration with @trevlan006 and @teslamilton

How to wash your chrome deleted Tesla

You’ve installed your chrome delete kit, nice! But… how should you wash it to avoid damaging the vinyl? Is pressure washing ok?

Also, if you don’t have a Chrome Delete Kit but would like one, TeslaBros still has a big discount going on in their kits for the Model 3, Model X, and Model S. Check out the TESBROS shop on Amazon.

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Intersection handling is coming but it will require HW3

According to Greentheonly, the Autopilot code today shows hints of the upcoming “intersections handling” functionality, but it will require Hardware 3. To be honest, it only makes sense that this kind of functionality will be part of FSD which requires HW3.

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Video recap from the EVs and Tea event

If you weren’t able to make it to the EVs and Tea event last month- the largest EV event on the east coast- check out this recap and video published by Evannex. Lots of electric vehicles, lots of familiar faces, and lots of fun.

Service scheduling via mobile app now allows you to attach images per each category

The latest version of Tesla’s mobile app allows you to attach images per category when opening a ticket. Will video attachments be next?

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Model Y images discovered in the latest update of Tesla's mobile app

Nothing very surprising here, just Tesla getting ready for the Model Y deliveries this month disovered by user matt687 on Reddit after decompiling the latest Android package and comparing it to the previous version. Everything seems to indicate that Model Y owners will have the same functionality available in the mobile app than the rest of the fleet.

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Play every PC game in your Tesla

RainwayApp brings you the joy of being able to play any PC game you want in your Tesla (while parked). You’ll need to create a ‘Dashboard’ in a PC (just once) to be able to access the games from any browser. Including your Tesla’s.

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What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • EV - Electric Vehicle
  • HW3 - Autopilot hardware manufactured in/after February 2019 for Model S / Model X, and in/after April 2019 for Model 3
  • FSD - Full Self-Driving
  • PC - Personal Computer

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