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Issue 229 - 500 miles Tesla semi this year, Cybertruck next

FeynLab Self Heal Lite & PPF install in a Model S Plaid

[Sponsored] In case you missed this, check out a brand new Model S Plaid getting the best protection with a PPF front coverage and FeynLab Self Heal Lite ceramic coating installs to keep its dark paint looking its absolute best– long-term. (Pst! Check out Feynlab’s Self Heal Plus).

Software updates

Tesla App 4.11.2 Release Notes

In this new version of the app, Tesla is expanding the auto diagnostics feature to the battery, if you report range issues through the app, Tesla’s self-diagnostics feature will now trigger.

FSD 10.16 is on track for 8/20

At least that is what Elon said on Monday in a response to our friend John. 10.69 is what it was supposed to be 10.13, but according to Elon will be so much better that will be worth the .69 name.

Car updates

Tesla semi this year, Cybertruck next

Finally, after almost 5 years, Elon said that Tesla will be delivering a 500-mile range Semi Truck this year, and Cybertruck next year. Some folks read this tweet as if the Cybertruck will also have a 500-mile range, what do you think?

Fremont Tesla Model Y gets new door panels, matrix headlights on long-range

We’ve seen this before in the Model Ys from Berlin and Shangai, the interior panels of the door come with Alcantara, as well as adding new wood panels along the front doors. They also include the matrix LED headlights, something that we saw before in the Performance version.

Tesla no longer providing chrome license plate frames on new Model 3/Y deliveries

Tesla won’t be providing the chrome license plate with their new Model 3 and Model Y cars, they will be selling a black license plate frame instead for $40. Honestly, I’m not sure I like this move of removing basic stuff.

Tesla ADAS car driving the unprotected left turn

Chuck found another official Tesla tester trying his intersection. If the car is doing that in FSD, isn’t bad at all!


Tesla Takeover 2022

Several Tesla owners clubs in California put together the largest Tesla owners even in North America earlier this month. Here is a great video of the event, showing known faces. The event had over 2,300 attendees and 50 exhibitors.

AliExpress Turbine Hub Caps for Model 3

According to the author, the quality seems pretty good. The price for the USA is $188, not bad at all, and they look good in the picture.


Non-Tesla Supercharger memberships launch in the U.S. ahead of network opening to other EVs

Seems that someone at Tesla published this ahead of schedule. The published membership is offered at $0.99 which, if you are going to use the chargers, is a no-brainer since it offers a lower price per kWh.

🤓 What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • PPF - Paint Protection Film
  • FSD - Full Self-Driving

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