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Issue 96 - Model S and Model X get some luv

Tesla's Q4 2019 results summary

Yesterday, Tesla shared their results of Q4 2019 and it’s all good news. Here’s a summary:

  • Model Y

    • Model Y production started in Jan. 2020, ahead of time
    • Deliveries will start by the end of Q1 2020
    • Increased AWD EPA range to 315 mi (from 280 mi)
    • Updated rims in the Performance Model
  • The demand for the Cybertruck is more than what Tesla can make in two or three years

  • Tesla dismissed switching from 18650 batteries to 2170. In their own words, that is only the form factor, the chemistry inside has changed and improved during the years. It won’t be long until we see a Model S with more than 400 miles.

  • ‘Battery Day’ in April (maybe)

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Protect your Tesla with Feynlab

One of the things I regret the most about my Model S is not properly protecting its paint and seats when I first bought it.

Don’t do like me, and check out Feynlab. They offer a complete line of car kit and ceramic coaters for both do-it-yourselfers and professional detailers.

And have you heard about their world’s first self-healing coating?

Images by: Vehicle Enhancement Protection & Appearance (VEPA), official Feynlab installer, Pleasanton, CA

Learn more: Feynlab


Tesla cuts prices of solar systems to counter drop in federal rebate

On January 1st the tax credit for residential solar systems went from 30% of the solar system cost to 26%. Cleantechnica reports “Tesla responded to the smaller federal incentive by slashing prices across its four options — small, medium, large, and extra-large out-of-the-box solar systems. For example, the after-rebate price of Tesla’s small 3.8 kW solar panel system was slashed from $8,342 to $7,770, a 6.9% drop compared to the price of the system just last week.”

Remember that next year the federal rebate will go down to 22% and it will go away in 2022. If you are purchasing a new solar system from Tesla you can use our referral code to get $250 off the price http://ts.la/ignacio9266

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Tesla owner shares $35k Model 3 Standard Range complete buying guide

Are you interested in the $35k Model 3 Standard Range (US only)? If so, here’s a first-hand experience on how to order it.

To be honest, I would probably go for the SR+, for me the Autopilot is pretty important and I wouldn’t get a Tesla without it. The cost of adding Autopilot to the SR is $3k that puts it only $1,990 from the SR+. Having said that, a good reason to go for the SR would be if it qualifies for State incentives but your SR+ doesn’t.

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For those of you who don’t love email, we also have a mobile app. It works both for Android and iOS and it’s available to all of our patrons. In this video, we do a quick tour of it. I hope you like it!

News for the Model S and the Model X

Greentheonly discovered a few bits pointing to new hardware coming to the Model S and the Model X imminently:

  • Two new battery types in several configs, no word about the capacity yet
  • Integrated inductive phone charger (Qi)
  • New charge port type
  • New suspension version, not a new suspension but an iteration in the one released a few months ago
  • New lumbar support, maybe new seats?
  • Is there an interior redesign coming? Who knows 🤷‍♀️ But it seems that the S and the X are getting some love for sure!

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Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor 1/4 mile with an acceleration boost

This was the author’s best time of the day with 11.813 at 119.27 mph.

Tesla solar panels zero'd my electric bill

Reddit user u/cheqsgravity electric bill averages $200/month until he installed Tesla’s solar panel in April 2018. Since then, his electric bill has been $0. In his Reddit post, he explains a few interesting details, the most interesting one to me is that the maintenance on the panels is just watering them every couple of months to keep them clean of dust and pollen.

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If you bought a Tesla in 2019, make sure to read this before submitting tax returns

Thanks u/djacrylick for the heads-up!

If you use HR Block for tax returns, you need to enter the full $7,500 under the tax credit (not the actual amount of $3,750/$1,875) because the percentage is automatically deducted from your return.

TurboTax doesn’t have energy credits working yet, usually, they release them a bit later in the year (February or so).

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How Tesla’s next-gen battery will change the game using Maxwell’s technology

Great in-depth explanation about what was the technology that Maxwell was working on and how Tesla could use it to revolutionize batteries.

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Tesla detects stop sign held by a person

According to the author, the signal also moved on the screen as the person holding it helped others to cross the street.

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What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • AWD - All-wheel drive
  • EPA - Environmental Protection Agency
  • SR - Standard Range
  • SR+ - Standard Range Plus
  • mph - Miles per hour
  • kWh - Kilowatt-hour

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