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Issue 214 - C'mon S, tilt my screen

Protect your car with Feynlab Ceramic Coating

Made in the US, their products are available in 25+ countries, and they currently support over 150 installers in the US. Check them out (and request a free consultation).

Model Y

Model Y matrix headlights demonstration

These matrix headlights consist of 100 individually addressable pixels that are smaller and more efficient than traditional headlamp LEDs. It’s cool to see how accurate they can be.

Refreshed S & X

Tesla Model S Plaid vs P100D

Even after a headstart, the Plaid dominates the drag race. What a beast!

Model S and Model X cars built now have the center-screen tilting functionality

Ryan McCaffrey mentioned that he got rock-solid confirmation that the new Model S and Model X are now built with the center-screen tilting functionality. As shown in previous videos, past cars had the physical parts but were missing motors to actually move them.

Screen tilting in action

As we just mentioned, seems that Tesla is shipping new cars with the missing components. Here is a video of a refreshed Model S using the tilting functionality 😱


You can now order the Wall Connector and Mobile Connector with your car

A couple of weeks ago, Tesla announced they were removing the mobile connector from their new cars, for purchases after April 17th, 2022. Now, as promised, Tesla has streamlined their purchase process to easily add on the mobile connector or the wall charger.

Wall Connector and Mobile Charger prices dropped

The price went down to $400, from $495, for the wall charger, and to $200, from $400, for the mobile connector.

How to order CCS1 to Tesla adapter from Korea

Do you need a CCS1 to Tesla Adapter? Sadly, Tesla doesn’t sell this in the USA, but seems that you can buy it from Tesla in Korea and get it shipped to you in the USA. I wonder if Tesla will change this if the number of US orders goes up.

Tesla CCS1 adapter tested in US

If you order a CCS1 adapter or you are thinking about it, here is a video of it being tested in the US.

FSD Beta

New FSD Beta dropping this week (probably)

Elon said, “this is a big one”. He has reiterated multiple times that the next version will include many improvements, like complex left turns and heavy traffic, as well as better visualizations. Can’t wait!

FSD Beta request

Really good request from this Redditor. The car could use the navigation voice to let the driver know what is about to do, eg: " Creeping for visibility" “proceeding through turn” “stopping at a stop sign”. Elon, can you add this?

🤓 What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • CCS -  Combined Charging System
  • FSD -  Full Self-Driving

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