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Issue 159 - Pure Vision

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We recently celebrated Tesletter’s 3 year anniversary and it seems as it was only yesterday when we decided to start with it! It’s been a great ride and we couldn’t be happier to be part of the Tesla community and contributing with our selection of curated content every week. If you like what we do and would like to support our project, go check out our Patreon page. Thank you for reading every week <3

FSD & Autopilot

FSD Beta going to vision only in V9

More than 100 stalls coming to Harris Ranch. It currently has 13 stalls and this change will make this Supercharger the world’s largest one. Is it me or every couple of months or so we get a new world largest Supercharger now?
We are already in April, and that means that FSD Beta V9 should be released soon. According to Elon, it’s ‘Almost ready’. In this version, one of the main changes introduced is shifting to vision only and stop using the radar. In another tweet, Elon mentioned how when vision is good enough the radar doesn’t add signal, and the complexity of integrating it is too big for it to be worthy.

Autopilot will route you automatically based on the time of the day and what's on your calendar

This isn’t new and, in fact, Elon mentioned it a couple of years ago (worth knowing that it is still in his head!). It would be even better if it’d do it based on past patterns, e.g. every morning I first drop off my kid and then I go to work, wouldn’t it be awesome if my Tesla just knew that and routed me automagically? 🎩

The Button is pushed to May, FSD subscription expected the same month

Just yesterday, Elon shared that the Autopilot team is trying to get the probability of no injury above 99.999999% of miles for city driving and that he expects the famous ‘Download Button’ to drop next month along with the FSD Subscription. I wonder if this will be V9 or if that is going to get to testers before then.

Wraps & Protection

Ceramic coating a wrapped Model Y with Feynlab's PPF & Vinyl V2

Should you do ceramic coating on your wrapped Tesla? Watch a freshly wrapped Model Y being treated with Feynlab’s PPF & Vinyl and decide for yourself.

[Rumor] Tesla is working with 3M to do custom wraps for the Cybertruck

Tesla already offers wraps in China, it would be an interesting service if they would do a partnership for the Cybertruck and you could get it wrapped directly from the factory. Even better if they got to extend this to PPF for the other models, the ones with paint, hehe.

Software & Hardware Day

Tesla using the interior cam to decrease the nag intervals

Last week, we shared some videos of the interior camera detecting the driver, their eyes, etc. by Greentheonly. This week, Greentheonly said his Tesla is using the camera to decrease the nag intervals. Hopefully, in the future, they can also use it to increase it and nag less often.

Superchargers now show which stall is out of service

A while ago, Tesla started showing out of service stalls on the car’s screen. Just now, they also started showing which ones are the ones not working, which is great. Who hasn’t gone at least once to a Supercharger and had to change stalls because the one they picked was out of service? Really cool to see they keep improving this!

USA Model 3 interior now matches the MIC Model 3 interior with an updated door design

Tesla has updated its configurator to reflect on the new Model 3 interior with the white trim. I personally like it with the white panel better, what do you think?

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y go through the latest round of price increases

Yet another price change (as it often happens). Tesla has increased the Model 3 SR+ and LR AWD by $500, now starting at $38,490 and $47,490 respectively, and the Model 3 Performance by $1,000. The price of the Model Y LR AWD has increased by $500 as well.

For Tesla fans

Inside Elon Musk's underground loop tunnels in Las Vegas

We normally don’t mention the Boring company in this newsletter, but since they opened up their underground loop in Las Vegas to the public and it is full of Teslas (shocking!), we thought we should include this piece. It truly looks like the future 🀩🀩🀩

Tesla China design team recruit video

In the video, we can see Franz von Holzhausen approached by a person who shows him a design while he replies ‘who did this?’. It is known that Tesla wants to design at least one car in each new factory (at least in Giga Shanghai and in Giga Berlin) and, of course, they need to recruit the best talent to achieve this. Is this going to be the team designing the new $25k Tesla?

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