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Issue 147 - Giga Berlin, inside progress


Tesla LEGO Cybertruck

Trevor, from Tesla Owners Online, updated his designed of the Tesla LEGO Cybertruck to be a bit longer. Read the post for a Bricklink Want List that you can use to get all the parts you need as well as some cool pictures, and a PDF with the instructions. Thank you Trevor!

Win a Jeda USB Hub

This week we’re giving away a Jeda USB Hub on Twitter. Just RT and follow us on Twitter to participate (check out this pinned tweet). Thank you Jeda for partnering with Tesletter for this giveaway!

Model S/X & Gigafactory

Tesla is liquidating Model S and Model X inventory by the end of the month, as refresh nears

More rumors of a possible refresh- we’ve been hearing those since we bought our Model S in late 2017. Electrek is reporting that Tesla has instructed employees to sell all Model S and Model X inventory in stores across all markets. The rumor is that Tesla is going to announce the refresh during the earnings call on January 27.

Giga Berlin - Inside progress

It is amazing how fast Giga Berling is coming together! In the video (6:36), you can appreciate some kind of inside equipment 👀

Model Y

More details about the third row in the Model Y

More people checking out the third row. A 5’ 4" woman fits well there, her 6’ husband touches the roof with his head. Another couple, 5’6 and wife 5’2”, tried it with a 6’ tall passenger in the 2nd row, and a 6’ tall driver and felt they had adequate legroom. See pictures in the tweets!

Model Y with a heat pump vs Model 3 without it

Both cars were driven on the same commute, in similar temperatures, one day apart. In the graph, the Y’s efficiency shows up at 101% vs. the 3 at 73%

SR Tesla Model Y has been added to the Quebec EV incentive list of eligible vehicles

Quebec is offering up to 8,000 CAD off the recently announced Model Y SR. If you are planning on ordering and need a code to get free Superchanging, we would be humbled if you use ours http://ts.la/ignacio9266

Batteries & Solar

First look at Tesla’s new structural battery pack that will power its future electric cars

Electrek obtained the first picture of one of the very first structural battery packs ever produced by Tesla. The pack has a honeycomb structure, which is known for its strength while also being lightweight.

Tesla Solar Inverter

This last week Tesla released their own solar inverter. Up until recently, Tesla was using a 3rd party inverter for their solar installations. Tesla’s inverter is built on Powerwall 2 technology and comes with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and cellular connectivity as well as over-the-air updates.

Safety & Protection

Tesla Vehicle Safety Report

The safest car is the one that doesn’t get in an accident in the first place and Tesla’s Autopilot keep gotten better and better:

  • Q4 2018 - 2.94 million miles per accident
  • Q4 2019 - 3.07 million miles per accident
  • Q4 2020 - 3.45 million miles per accident

Wrapping a Model Y with Feynlab's PPF & Vinyl V2

Should you wrap your new Tesla? Watch a fresh Tesla Model Y being wrapped with Feynlab’s PPF & Vinyl and decide by yourself.

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What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • SR - Standard Range
  • PPF - Paint Protection Film

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