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Issue 119 - Tesla 360° ride along at Willow Springs Raceway

Software & Hardware Upgrades

Rumors of speed limit changes in an upcoming software update

As you probably remember AP on backroads and non-divided roads used to allow the driver to the next speed to +5 mph the speed limit. When Tesla introduced the Stop Sign and Traffic Light Control, they changed it so you couldn’t make it past the speed limit. Well, according to our friends at Teslascope, the +5 mph speed limit will be back in our cars very soon.

Model Y 2020 AC compressor retrofit 📷

Tesla Mobile Service is already performing the retrofit to early Model Y with AC problems which were causing a shroud when the air gets stuck inside. Newer Model Y should not have this problem and already come with an acoustic blanket. Thank you @hwfeinstein for sharing the pics!

MCU replacement warranty reduced to 2 years

Tesla has recently updated its MCU warranty to 2 years or 25,000 miles, whatever comes first. This change only affects replaced MCUs, both fixed because of the memory problem or upgraded via the $2,500 MCU1 to MCU2 upgrade. This seems to me like a very uncharming move by Tesla.

Tesla makes changes in the software that allow a maximum battery size to 205 kWh

Previously, Tesla’s software was coded in a way that the maximum battery size possible was 104kWh. Now, after an update and giving it one more bit, it can go up to 208kWh. While this doesn’t mean that Tesla is going to release a car with a battery larger than 208kWh, I think it’s more than possible that it will release one with a battery larger than 104kWh in the next months.

Model 3

Tesla 360° ride along at Willow Springs Raceway 📹

Ride along with @fromwhereicharge in his Track prepped Tesla Model 3 on the Big Willow Race Track. Very cool, thank you for letting us ride with you!

Model 3 trunk water leak fix 📷

A new trunk flip seal for the Model 3 has been spotted on the MIC version to prevent water to leak in the trunk. Check out the picture.

New Jeda Wireless Pad V3 (Model 3/Y)

In case you missed this or you’re new to Tesla, a few weeks ago Jeda launched a new version of their wireless pad, both for the Model 3 and the Model Y. There are cheaper wireless pads for your Tesla in the market, but there aren’t better ones. The new capabilities of the V3 include:

  • Increased charing area
  • Fastest charging speeds
  • Three way charging (1 horizontal and 2 portrait positions)
  • Wired charging option


Cross-country drive with Cybertruck

Friends from the East Coast, after the exhibit in LA a couple of weeks ago, the Cybertruck is coming to you. Or so has said Elon in reply @InSpaceXItrust on Twitter. “We will aim to do a cross-country drive with Cybertruck later this year.”


Valet crashing a Model S while testing Cheetah mode

Reminder to always use Valet mode if someone else is going to be parking your car. And if you’re going to test drive a car which is not yours, make sure it doesn’t have security features such as Dashcam. Duh.

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What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • AP - Autopilot
  • MCU1 - Media Control Unit. Has an NVIDIA Tegra-3 chip. All Model S and Model X built before the end of March 2018 have this version.
  • MCU2 - Media Control Unit. Has a more powerful Intel x86_64 processor. All Model 3 have this version as well as the Model S and Model X built after the end of March 2018.
    kWh - Kilowatt an hour (kilo=1,000; 1kWh = 3-4 mile range)

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