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Issue 77 - Beta v10 is here and is everything we thought it would be

First look at Tesla v10 release notes: Here’s what’s coming

v10 got released to folks in the Early Access Program a few days ago, here’s what’s new:

  • Tesla Theater: As Elon advanced on Twitter, Tesla are getting Netflix and YouTube through dedicated apps
  • Caraoke: Card + Karaoke = Caraoke. This feature allows users to sign along their favorite tracks. According to the release notes, this feature is only available while in park. We think it’d be fun to have it while driving too, for passengers only of course
  • Cuphead: Tesla Arcade is getting some serious games, Cuphead was announced a while ago and now is hitting the cars
  • I’m feeling lucky / I’m feeling hungry: As we advanced a few weeks ago thanks to greentheonly, these two options are now part of the navigation
  • Maps improvements: When searching for a destination the autocomplete now shows the distance to the place
  • Sentry mode improvements: Sentry mode now records videos in a new folder to easily distinguish between Sentry recorded videos and Dashcam videos that you saved. It also overrides older Sentry videos when full
  • Joe Mode: Quieter chimes to avoid waking up your Joe’s family
  • Driving visuals: Additional objects, lane lines, and adjust the zoom and viewing angle
  • Automatic lane change: The visualization now displays where the car is going

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How Tesla Autopilot detects cars moving into your lane

Good video explaining how Autopilot works (and used to work) at detecting cars cutting into your lane. Worth watching!

2018.32.2.1 introduced lane departure avoidance and emergency lane departure avoidance for Model S and Model X

This has been out for several weeks for Model 3 but just got released for Model S and Model X. Thanks Sofiaan!

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v10 going to all early access users in the US next week

We know people in the Early Access program just started getting v10 a couple of days ago. According to Elon everyone in the Early Access Program including everyone who purchased FSD! will get it next week 🤞

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Lane departure avoidance in action

As we said above lane departure avoidance has been out for a while for the Model 3 but it’s new for Model S and Model X, here is a good look at it in action.

New car config 'lte_video_streaming:true'

Ahead of rolling out v10 to folks in the Early Access Program, Tesla also pushed a car config update fleet-wide. This new setting is “lte_video_streaming:true”. According to multiple reports, the beta of v10 isn’t requiring folks to be on WiFi to use YouTube or Netflix, I guess that is why they released this flag. I wonder if in the future we will be able to pay more to be able to access these features while on LTE.

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Pedestrian warning sound in a Model 3

New Model 3s are now being delivered with a speaker for pedestrian warning sounds. Here is the sound that it makes when driving at less than 18.6 mph (30 km/h).

Best Model 3 compatible tires v2

We included the first version of this table a few week ago. Now the author has improved it with a lot of feedback from the community. Even if you are not shopping for tires it is worth bookmarking this link.

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v10 browser got awesome

With v10 the Tesla browser can stream video from a lot of different websites like PLEX, Spotify, or Hulu, essentially most streaming services just work. This only works while in parking and can’t be put in full screen mode but it’s still pretty amazing.

What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • v10 - Version 10 of the software, now being released to people participating in the Early Access Program
  • FSD - Full Self-Driving
  • mph - miles per hour
  • km/h - kilometers per hour

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