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How to connect a Tesla to the WiFi

September 24, 2020

Do Teslas come with WiFi? Can you connect a Tesla to the WiFi? What about connecting a smartphone to the Tesla's internet, is that even possible? In this article, we'll cover these and other related questions about Teslas and Internet connectivity. Keep reading.

Tesla 'Premium Connectivity' cost and packages

December 9, 2019

Tesla has finally announced it's Premium Connectivity package and it's going to be a $9.99 monthly subscription starting on January, 1, 2020. We know you have lots of questions about it, so that's what we're here for.

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New car config 'lte_video_streaming:true'

Ahead of rolling out v10 to folks in the Early Access Program, Tesla also pushed a car config update fleet-wide. This new setting is “lte_video_streaming:true”. According to multiple reports, the beta of v10 isn’t requiring folks to be on WiFi to use YouTube or Netflix, I guess that is why they released this flag. I wonder if in the future we will be able to pay more to be able to access these features while on LTE.

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From issue #77

New paid ‘premium connectivity’ package to support the in-car internet features

All current Tesla owners and those who order a Model S, Model X, or Model 3 before July 1st, 2018 will never have to pay to maintain the current level of internet connectivity in their cars.

For vehicles ordered after July 1st, Tesla will start offering two different packages: ‘Premium Connectivity package’ and ‘Standard Connectivity package.’

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From issue #14

Premium Connectivity yearly subscription now live

You can buy the yearly subscription directly from the car or in the iPhone app, the option isn’t showing up in the Android app just yet. The yearly subscription costs $99 / year vs. the $9.99 / month of the monthly subscription, roughly a $20 saving. Definitely worth getting if you want the premium connectivity.

From issue #205

Tesla adds Premium Connectivity Subscription to referral program rewards

Tesla introduced the option to redeem referral program points for 1 year of premium connectivity at the cost of 2,500 points. The article also provides a comprehensive list of all the referral rewards and their respective point values.

From issue #279

Tesla cars will connect to Starlink’s new cellular-broadcasting satellites

Starlink announced this week that they will be providing cellular data for T-mobile where the carrier doesn’t reach, and while we normally don’t cover any Starlink announcements, this seems relevant since it will affect Tesla owners in the future. In a response to our friend John from TOSV, Elon confirmed that Tesla will be getting this service as well with the premium connectivity package, making Tesla cars the most connected vehicle in the world.

From issue #231

Tesla FAQ about the new connectivity options

  • Standard Connectivity offers basic maps & navigation, music & media over Bluetooth® and software updates over Wi-Fi.
  • Premium Connectivity adds satellite-view maps with live traffic visualization, in-car streaming music & media, an internet browser (for Model S and Model X) and OTA software updates via Wi-Fi and cellular.

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From issue #17

Tesla limits the Standard Connectivity package to 8 years on new vehicle purchases

If you buy a new Tesla now, Standard Connectivity will be included for 8 years, after that, if you want to have any connectivity at all, you will need to pay for Premium Connectivity.

From issue #226

Tesla to start offering cheaper 'Annual Subscriptions' on Premium Connectivity and more

Found in the code of the new Tesla App 4.6 mentioned right above. There is language there that seems to indicate that Tesla is going to introduce annual subscriptions, hopefully for both the premium connectivity and the FSD. I hope they release the premium connectivity one before my free year is over in a month.

From issue #203

The car now appears to display cellular bandwidth used and bandwidth cap

We believe this is only for folks in the Early Access Program- as we reported last week Tesla is enabling LTE for YouTube and Netflix for them- but I wouldn’t be surprised if this rolls out to everyone. The reason why is because now they can stream from their browser and I’m not sure Tesla can limit that to WiFi only.

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From issue #78

Trial Premium Connectivity trial is only one month now

It seems that Tesla is now offering only one month of free premium connectivity when you buy a new Model 3 or Y. It used to be a whole year for Long Range and Performance Model 3 and Ys.

From issue #186