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Issue 251 - Inside Tesla at the Petersen Museum Exhibit


Tesla accidentally reveals Magic Dock, hints the first Supercharger with CCS compatibility in the US will be in Hawthorne

After opening up its Supercharger network in Europe, it is only a matter of time before Tesla opens up their US Supercharging network as well. An accidental update in the Supercharger map has hinted that the first Supercharger with CCS compatibility might be located in Hawthorne, California. Additionally, Tesla has added Hawthorne as an option under the “Charge Your Non-Tesla” menu in the mobile app. Upon proceeding through the process to select a stall, Tesla shared an image of the Magic Dock, which appears to be a system that adds a CCS adapter to the charging cable, but the exact details are still unknown.


FSD Beta v10.69.25.2 Memorial Park

Chuck is back at his famous unprotected left turn, and this time he’s also forcing the car to perform a poorly executed u-turn. But overall, I think it’s a pretty smooth drive.

Under The Hood

Tesla Bot Actuators Team

Check out this awesome video by Tesla! It shows the people behind the scenes of the Tesla Bot, more specifically the actuators team. They’re the ones who design, model, and make the actuators that make the Tesla Bot move. It’s super cool!

Tested: Heat Pump in Cold Weather – How much range is lost?

Tesla added heat pumps to their vehicles to improve efficiency during the winter. In this comparison, the Tesla using the heat pump consumed 8% more energy than the baseline, while the one with the electric resistance heater had a 26% increase.

Casting molds for the Cybertruck arrived in Giga Texas

A ship carrying the molds for the Cybertruck just made it to the US a few days ago, and they’re probably all at Giga Texas by now. We should be able to see the first few Cybertrucks rollin’ out later this year, fingers crossed!

Inside Tesla - Petersen Museum Exhibit

A cool video showcasing the Tesla exhibit at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles.

Software Updates

Tesla to add low, high, and auto settings to the heated steering wheel

In their post-holiday update, Tesla is adding the ability to set the heated steering wheel too low, high, or auto, similar to what they already do with the heated seats. At this time, there is no information on whether all Teslas equipped with a heated steering wheel will have the low and high options or only newer ones. We will have to wait and see.

2023.2.0.5 Tesla Release Notes

These are the notes provided by Greentheonly:

  • Sentry mode will pulse headlamps on Model 3 and Model Y when a threat is detected.
  • Model 3 and Model Y will have heated steering wheels with the option for high and low settings, as discussed previously.
  • Speed sign recognition will be available for Model 3 and Model Y vehicles equipped with HW3 in Germany and Spain.

Tesla now allows you to buy FSD Capability, Enhanced Autopilot, and Acceleration Boost with referral credits

If anyone uses your referral code to buy Tesla solar products, Tesla will give you credits that you can use for different things. Up until now, the options were limited to accessories on their website, but starting this week they’ve opened it up to include add-ons for your car, like Full Self-Driving or the Acceleration Boost. Sure, you still need around 40 purchases for FSD and 7 for the Acceleration Boost, but it’s still pretty cool.

🤓 What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • CCS - Combined Charging System
  • FSD - Full Self-Driving
  • HW3 - Hardware 3, Autopilot hardware manufactured in/after February 2019 for Model S / Model X, and in/after April 2019 for Model 3

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