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Issue 52 - Tesla stopping at red lights

Tesla autopilot stopping at red lights all by itself

Greentheonly - who else? - just discovered that 2019.8.3 comes with the hidden ability of detecting and reacting to red lights and stop signs and activated it!. If you watch the video, it’s clear that this feature isn’t ready for prime time, but it is exciting seeing progress on this front! Look at 0:40 and 1:30 for two success detections and 4:05 and 5:12 for failures.

Tesla, come pick me up

First videos showing Tesla’s Enhanced Summon - currently only available for people in the Early Access Program. While it seems slow, it is an impressive first step and we think that - even at this speed - this is a game changer for people with disabilities. We are looking forward to what is next!

New Tesla Referral program announced

Tesla announced their new referral program recently. This time it is way more cost effective for the company. If you are planning on buying a new Tesla and want to use our code to get $1,000 of free Supercharging, we would be flattered http://ts.la/ignacio9266

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Tesla Enhanced AP saves owner

Marc Benton - well known Tesla community member - just recorded this while traveling from LA to Nashville.

Another tryout of Tesla Supercharger v3

9% - 50% 12 min
9% - 60% 15 min
9% - 70% 19 min
9% - 80% 25 min
9% - 90% 35 min

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Tesla Model 3 Interior packages compared

TroyTeslike created a nicer visualization of a table published on Reddit.

Tesla: No annual maintenance needed

Tesla will no longer be offering an extended maintenance plan in favor of specific service recommendations on an as-needed basis.

Along with reducing servicing requirements for Model S, Model 3, and Model X vehicles, this change will effectively end the purchase of optional 3 and 4-year maintenance plans.

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Future options for Sentry Mode

Sentry Mode is a great thing - we can’t wait to have it in our Model S - but it needs better options for people to not forget to turn it on, like always on, not at home, pop when entering in parking, etc. Elon just confirmed the following future options are coming:

  • Always
  • Exclude Home
  • Exclude Work
  • Exclude saved locations
  • Ask
  • Off

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MS & MX with Hardware 3 for Full Self-Driving, now in production

Teslarati was able to see inventory cars with HW3 inspecting the options from Tesla’s web page.

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New in 2019.8.3 - Autosteer stop light warning

Although no one seems to have been able to trigger that and record it into a video, it is in the release notes. Thanks Earl for sharing it!

What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • AP - Autopilot
  • MX - Model X
  • MS - Model S
  • HW3 - Hardare 3 version

Because we 💚 Tesla

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