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Issue 43 - Referral program ending on Feb 1st

Tesla referral program ending on Feb 1st

Tesla is discontinuing their referral program and this time is for good. If you are thinking about buying a new Tesla you can still get 6 months of free supercharging if you do it before February 1st, and if you need a referral code, we would be honored if you use ours http://ts.la/ignacio9266

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Tesla Sentry Mode coming soon for all cars with Enhanced Autopilot

After a fellow Tesla owner complained on Twitter about a dig in their door while parked, Elon responded and said that there will be a “tesla sentry mode” soon available on all cars with AP2+ hardware. Three interesting things:

  • The way that Elon talks about it we can assume all cameras would be capable of recording if something happens
  • This makes us think that AP2 cars would receive the dash cam feature at some point, right now this feature is only available for AP2.5 cars
  • This feature would be available for everyone with said hardware, independently of having purchased EAP or not, as dash cam is

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This is how the UI of Tesla looked back in June 2014

Evmom shared a few pictures of the Tesla menus back in June 2014. I’m not sure what you folks think but I’m definitely on the side that is happier with flat UIs, thanks Apple for changing the trend!

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More changes on HOV lanes for EVs

Beginning March 1st, 2019 CAV displaying a DMV issued red or purple CAV decal can use the I-10 and I-110 Metro ExpressLanes and receive a 15% discount off of the posted rate instead of being free of charge as they previously were.

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Tesla changes Supercharger prices

This is two stories in one. Last week Tesla increased the price of the kWh by almost 33% in most countries but then a few days later, and after a lot of complaints from users, it decreased the price by 10% to keep people happy. In a few days, the price of the kWh in California went from $0.26 per kWh to $0.34 per kWh and now is down to $0.28 kWh which is only about a 10% increase from the original price.

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CCS charger in European Model 3

We have talked about this for weeks, here is the first real image of the CCS port on a European Model 3.

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Summon plus now closer!

A week ago Elon tweeted about Summon plus being almost ready and needing regulatory approval. This week he said that they just got it and it is almost ready to be rolled out. We don’t know which regulations he refers to but we are definitely excited about Summon plus or at least about Summon and Autopark to be using all the cameras instead of only the proximity sensors. Go Tesla team!

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Model 3 efficiency with wheel caps off by Bjørn

Bjørn just did some testing about the efficiency of the Model 3 with the Aero Caps on and off. The difference that he noticed is 299 Wh/mi (186 Wh/km) with caps off and 288 Wh/mi with caps on, roughly a 4% increase.

Tesla reveals new self-driving Autopilot hardware 3.0 computer diagram ahead of launch

A source told Electrek that Tesla updated the Model 3 wiring diagrams in its internal service documentation on January 9th to include the new Autopilot 3.0 computer as the new standard ECU in Model 3.

An interesting new piece of information is that in the diagram we can see how the chip has connectors for a second radar although current models only have mounted a forward facing radar.

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What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • DYI - Do It Yourself
  • HOV - High Occupancy Vehicle
  • EV - Electric Vehicle
  • UI - User Interface
  • CCS - Combined Charging System
  • CAV - Clean Air Vehicles
  • AP2 - Autopilot hardware released after October 2016 and before August 2017
  • AP2.5 - Autopilot hardware released after August 2017
  • AP2+ - Autopilot hardware released after October 2016. Includes both AP2 and AP2.5
  • EAP - Enhanced Autopilot
  • ECU - Electric Control Unit

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