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Issue 206 - Push Yoke to honk


Push the right side of the Yoke to honk

This isn’t the first time we talk about this, but I think the first time Elon tweeted about it wasn’t out yet. If you press on the right side of the Yoke, not directly aiming at the honk button, the car detects it and hoks as well. Good addition.

Cars made after November also have a push center for horn

Many refreshed S and X owners have complained about the horn and how difficult it was to activate it during an emergency (although you can smash the right side as the video above shows). This is changing for newer owners, all owners of refreshed S and X made after November will be able to just push the center for horn, Tesla just needs to send the update.


DIY Protection with Feynlab

Feynlab’s DIY products follow a regimen: Preparation, Protection, Maintenance. First Prepare the paint by washing with Pure Wash, followed by Panel Prep to remove any residual oil or contaminants. Then Protect your Tesla using Ceramic Lite - the easiest coating to apply. Then Maintain the coating with Pure Wash, and if you want that extra touch of protection, follow it up with Ceramic Spray Sealant every couple of months.

Using your Galaxy Watch 4 (Non-LTE) as an NFC Key for your Tesla

This Reddit user was able to configure his Galaxy Watch 4 to work as a key card and unlock the car. He shared detailed instructions here.


Tesla to automatically setting LFP battery charge limits to 100%

We’ve seen some reports about the 12 V li-Ion batteries failing when the vehicle’s main battery was at a low stage of charge. Seems that this problem is only happening with the cars that carry LFP batteries, the batteries weren’t well-calibrated and the car thought it had some energy left when it didn’t. To solve this, Tesla is raising the charging limit in those cars to 100% and is asking owners to charge it completely to calibrate the battery.

Tesla offering Complementary All-Weather kit retroactively

Tesla is sending emails to Model Y owners with coupon codes for a complimentary all-weather kit. If you haven’t seen it, maybe is in your inbox.

Software updates

Tesla software update 2022.4.5.5: new Model S/X charge port animation, cabin camera analytics, more

2022.4.5.5 brings new features to the refreshed S and X, like the new charge port animation, car colorizer, and better regen braking in Autopilot for higher efficiency.

Tesla now dynamically resizes vehicle models in the latest FSD Beta

If FSD Beta is going to be able to represent the real world, it is going to need to use some techniques like this one, where they are dynamically resizing the visualizations of the vehicles depending on their real-world length. Good to see a step in the direction of more dynamic visualizations.

πŸ’‘ Tip of the week

Courtesy of our friend Lars Hoffmann aka @TeslaParaTodos: Hold the left scroll wheel to the left for a few seconds to select the next audio source.

πŸ€“ What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • DIY - Do It Yourself
  • FSD - Full Self-Driving
  • LFP - Lithium iron phosphate batteries
  • LTE - Long Term Evolution
  • NFC - Near-field communication

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