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Issue 202 - FSD Beta insane maneuvering!

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FSD Beta

FSD Beta insane maneuvering

FSD Beta, this time v10.9, keeps surprising us with maneuvers like this one. For those of you who haven’t experienced it yet, FSD Beta is both amazing and scary, if you get to try it out, keep constant attention.

TFSD Beta 10.10 release notes

FSD Beta v10.10 is here and it is great to see some of these improvements, especially the improved smoothness when stopping for crossing objects, I’ve noticed that my car doesn’t slam the breaks anymore when a car cuts in front of you at an intersection that isn’t close. The bad news is that they eliminated the rolling stops, even though the car only did them when it was 100% safe.

FSD Beta v10.10 - First impressions

Great video from Chuck. There are a few turns there that would be challenging for a lot of drivers and the car does them, with patience, pretty well.

Software Updates

Save to Dashcam now in the bottom bar

In the new firmware - 2022.2.1 - the Save to Dashcam option can now be added to the favorites in the bottom bar. Not the best, as not many icons can be there, but better now than buried in a menu.

Tesla activates Heated Wiper Park in Fremont-made Model 3/Y with 2022.4.5

Several owners with Model 3s and Model Ys delivered in January 2022 are seeing the option to activate heated wipers update updating to 2022.4.5. Cool!

Tesla is rendering speedbumps now

I haven’t seen this in action, but great to see the software rending speed bumps and reducing the speed to 15mph. According to Greentheonly, they are also working on some sort of 3d terrain visualization, maybe to render potholes and others?


Support for connecting game controllers to your Tesla vehicle via Bluetooth is coming soon

This is great, especially for those missing the data ports in the center console who can’t play Cuphead, Sonic, and Cat Quest.

Tesla App Store?

The rumor is that Tesla is working on their very own App Store, I can’t wait to see what developers would do with something like that.



What if Teslas knew about the weather?

Third prototype from ‘deleet’, really cool stuff! Would you use something like this?

💡 Tip of the week

You can engage Autopilot with two short pulls of the stalk in the Model 3 and Model Y. This is something that I learned this week, instead of pulling the stalk all the way down, you can do short pulls, and that works as well, similar to the blinker short pulls.    

🤓 What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • FSD - Full Self-Driving
  • mph -  Miles per hour
  • US -  United States

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