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Issue 193 - Cybertuck quad-motor

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Softeware updates

Tesla Holiday update coming soon

This year has probably been the year (in 4 since I’ve owned a Tesla) that I’ve gotten fewer software updates, so I guess that is why I didn’t even think about a ‘holiday update’. However, Elon just said there will be one soon and will come with lots of cool stuff.

Tesla App version 4.3.1 is out

By analyzing the source it seems that Tesla is preparing to add functionality to share your vehicle with others from the app. According to the strings found, we will be able to share access to our car with others and set an expiration date, perfect for those of you renting their car or just allowing someone to drive it for a bit.

Hardware & Supercharger updates


Elon took Twitter by surprise and gave several updates with regards to the Cybertruck. The first model that will go into production will have 4 motors as well as front and rear wheel steer, making it possible to drive diagonally, like a šŸ¦€

New tires for the 2022 Model Y Performance

The 2022 Model Y Performance now comes with Michelin Pilot All Season 4 tires from the factory. Nice addition!

26-stall Santa Monica Supercharger permit is ready to issue

We have talked about this location in the past, Tesla has had a few problems with the permit, but it seems to be now ready to issue, Tesla just has to pay the fees.


You can buy upgrades now directly from your car

Be careful tho, no pin or extra confirmation is required. In this tweet, you can see it is possible to disable in-car upgrades in case you are worried about someone else purchasing them (like Turo renters or your significant other šŸ˜‡).

Rear Heated seat price decreased to $200

According to multiple folks on Reddit, the price of the rear heated seats for SR+ owners is now $200. If your car also includes the option to have a heated steering wheel, the price is $300.

FSD Beta

FSD Beta stops for pedestrians on a rainy night

FSD Beta stops for a pedestrian in the middle of the road with dark clothes on a rainy night. I have to confess that I had trouble seeing the pedestrian at first in the video, the car shows the pedestrian early on and does the right thing.

šŸ’” Tip of the week

Check your tire pressure regularly, it has a big impact on your range. This Reddit user found out that their tires were at 37 psi and by pumping to 44 psi their Wh/mi reduced to 30%. Ā 

šŸ¤“ What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • FSD - Full Self-Driving
  • PSI - Pounds per square inch
  • SR - Standard Range
  • Wh/miĀ - Watt-hour per mile

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