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Issue 181 - Illuminated door sills


Illuminated door sills

Tesla just released really cool illuminated door sills for the Model 3 and Model Y. I really like these! If you want to send me a gift, here’s an idea πŸ˜‰

Giveaway Alert: Win a LED Lighting Upgrade Kit

We know LED light upgrades are popular, we like them too. This week we’re partnering with Evannex to give away a LED Lighting Upgrade Kit for your Tesla (available for all models). See you on Twitter for a chance to win this kit!

Model S

Tesla Model S Plaid just set an official world speed record for a production electric car at Nurburgring

You can experience the fastest EV to track Nurburgring from inside the car in this video. This Model S Plaid was almost straight from the factory, Elon Musk said they will be back with some racing modifications soon.

Track mode software update for the refreshed S

Elon didn’t specify if this will be for the Plaid only or for the LR as well. After all, the LR has both the insane and the drag strip mode. Exciting!

Driving 1000 miles in 3 cars: Gas vs. electric

A Tesla, a Mustang Mach-E, and a gas car, go on 1000 miles loop. Which one do you think will be the fastest? I agree with the top comment on the video, they should have charged the EVs overnight when they stopped at the hotel, it is part of the benefits.

FSD Beta & Software updates

FSD BETA 10 over the Model Y limits in San Francisco

FSD Beta v10 dropped last Friday. Here is a great drive pushing the limits (of the driver) in SF.

Highway stack still not unified in v10

Elon said the highway stack will be unified with the one for city driving. According to his recent tweet, this has been delayed until v10.1. From what they showed during AI Day, this unification will be a very big deal in highway driving and will bring many improvements. Looking forward to it πŸ‘Œ

Service & Protection

Tesla finds loophole around New Mexico’s ban on direct car sales

If you are a Tesla owner or a future owner in New Mexico, this is great news! Tesla partnered with a Native American tribe, NambΓ© Pueblo, and was able to build on their land – which is not subject to state law.

Thinking about doing ceramic coating? Feynlab has you covered

Made in the US, their products are available in 25+ countries, and they currently support over 150 installers in the US. Check them out (and request a free consultation).

πŸ’‘ Tip of the week

Another music tray trick this week, courtesy of Walt Breuninger. “You can swipe up and swipe down on the music icon at the bottom of the screen to move between the states of the music player (full screen, half screen, the bottom of the screen, hidden).”

πŸ€“ What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • AI - Artificial Intelligence
  • EV - Electric Vehicle
  • FSD - Full Self-Driving
  • LED - Light-emitting diode
  • LR - Long Range

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