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Issue 174 - Step by step battery recalibration

FSD & Battery

Step by step battery recalibration

Twitter user @theXential explains how he recalibrated his battery, making the projected range go from 257 mi to 280 mi. Clearly, this is only the displayed number, the capacity of the battery stays the same, but if you are one of the people who care about it, follow the steps in the Twitter thread.

FSD Beta v9.1 coming on Friday at midnight

That is all, prepare yourself for another round of great videos showcasing it. FYI, Tesla, if you are there, I volunteer to test the FSD Beta, just let me know 😉

Model S

New Tesla Model S will not have a 'normal' steering wheel option

When the new Model S was announced, there were a lot of rumors about a possible future option that would include the “normal” steering wheel and we even got to see some renders. Well, this week Elon just confirmed on Twitter that Tesla doesn’t have plans to offer that as an alternative to the Yoke. Honestly, I got to drive the new Model S with the Yoke for 20 mins this week, and I can say that I was positively surprised about it; my buddy who owns the car has already totally adapted to it.

Tesla Model S Plaid impressions: Re-inventing the wheel

Marques Brownlee reviews his Plaid Model S. He likes the fit and finish, acceleration, screens, and pretty much everything except for some of the decisions about the Yoke.

Model S Plaid vs Raven Comparison

What is the difference between the Raven and the Plaid Model S, you ask? DragTimes just did a video on that.


FSD Computer Now $1,000 upgrade instead of $1,500

For those of you who don’t have HW3 and are considering the FSD subscription, the upgrade costs now $1k instead of $1.5k.

Long Range Model 3 and Y price increased (again)

Another $1k increase for both the LR Model 3 and Model Y. They start at $49,990 and $53,990 respectively. To put this in perspective, we bought our Model Y LR back in March priced at $49,990, $4k less than its price today 😱

How much could you make by hosting your car on Turo?

Our friends from The Kilowatts have put together a deep dive with the most common questions as well as some of their revenue numbers after renting their cars for 350 trips on Turo. This is a must-watch if you are considering renting on Turo or wondering how it works.

💡 Tip of the week

Enable pin to open the glovebox to protect your documents as well as the Sentry USB Drive (for those who have it there). You can set a 4-digit pin by going to Controls -> Safety & Security on the screen of your car.

🤓 What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • FSD - Full Self-Driving
  • HW3 - Autopilot Hardware version 3
  • LR - Long Range

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