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Issue 170 - Pure Vision gets Top Safety Pick+ rating

Software updates & FSD

FSD Subscription and Beta this week?

We send this newsletter on Thursday, maybe we will still see the FSD Subscription and Beta this week? Maybe not? Let’s hope we see it soon 😊

Increasing the max speed limit for AP Vision only

According to Elon, the next production version is going out next week and is changing the 75mph limit while on AP to 80 mph. Personally, I rarely go above 80mph when using AP, I assume this would be enough for most.

New version of Vision Only AP re-enables a few features

If you remember the Pure Vision announcement when Tesla removed the radar from Model 3s and Ys in the US, it came without a few features that we have had in our Teslas for some time. Now, 2021.4.18.10 is restoring Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance, Smart Summon, and raising the max speed limit while in AP to 80mph.

2021.4.18.3 reduces the nags

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, the new firmware is now using the internal camera to know if the driver is paying attention. Well, it seems that if you are wearing sunglasses you will see a bigger gap between nags, 41 nags without sunglasses to 13 with them on. As Tesla improves the eye and attention detection, we should see the normal nag also getting longer and for the car to almost only nag if we aren’t paying attention.


Tesla confirms plan to open Supercharger network to other automakers next year

Norwegian government officials confirmed that Tesla told them that it plans to open the Supercharger network to other automakers by September 2022. The Supercharger network is by far the best EV network out there, Tesla starting to open it up will contribute to accelerating the transition to sustainable energy although it might be negative for Tesla owners given that stalls will get busier with other EVs.

V3 Supercharging curve (M3LR vs. MS Plaid)

Interesting to see the Plaid Model S keeping the peak kW for 5% more SOC and having higher values for another 5%, which translates into faster charging.

Tesla offering free Supercharging on 4th of July holiday weekend (California)

As an incentive to alleviate the Superchargers during a busy weekend, Tesla is offering free Supercharging between July 2nd and July 5th for those who charge before 12 pm and after 9 pm and at 25 Superchargers, list in the article.

Model S

Yoke Adventures #4

Omar talks about his experiences 2 weeks into the Yoke. Take a look!

Model 3 & Y

2021 Cars.com American-Made Index: Which Cars Are the Most American?

In this year’s list, Model 3 is #1 and Model Y #3. Not bad for a car that a lot of Americans don’t even think is made in the USA.

Tesla Model 3 with pure vision Autopilot gains IIHS’ Top Safety Pick+ rating

Another big win for Pure Vision this week. When it was released IIHS told Tesla they had to retest it to get the safety rating. The retest just happened and Tesla got an excellent rating. According to a tweet Elon, they are coming back next week to get a perfect score.

Giveaway Alert: Win a Jeda USB Hub Console

This week, we’re partnering with Jeda to give away one of their new USB Hub Console, designed for the newer console in the Model 3 and Y, and with the ability to charge AirPods, the Apple Watch, and many more gadgets. Check out our pinned tweet to participate, good luck!

💡 Tip of the week

Basic Supercharger etiquette:

  • In v2 Superchargers, pay attention to the stalls, they all are numbered and go in A/B pairs (e.g. 1A, 1B). For faster charging, always try to find a pair that is fully free, otherwise, you will be sharing with the other stall.
  • You can monitor the charging speed, SOC, and time remaining through the mobile app.
  • Superchargers aren’t parking spots, move your car when you are done charging, especially if the station is busy.

🤓 What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • AP - Autopilot
  • EV - Electric Vehicle
  • FSD - Full Self-Driving
  • kph - Kilometers per hour
  • mph - Miles per hour
  • SOC - State of charge

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