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Navigate on Autopilot (NoAP) is included with Full Self-Driving and Enhanced Autopilot, but not with just Autopilot. To learn more about Autopilot packages and costs, check out this article.

NoAP is designed to get you to your destination more efficiently by actively guiding your car from on-ramp to off-ramp, including suggesting and making lane changes, navigating highway interchanges, and taking exits. It’s designed to make finding and following the most efficient path to your destination even easier on the highway when Autopilot is in use.

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Past Tesletter articles

[Video] Real FSD with Traffic light & stop sign detection and NoAP

We’re in awe with all the progress that Tesla is making and although we’re still far from the final solution, seeing videos like with critique the good and the bad is really educational. In this 15 minute video you can see the real Full Self-Driving experience with the new auto stop feature and Navigate on Autopilot in action.

This version fixes the bug that would let you override a stop in a red light. It’s also getting pretty good at ignoring lanes and green lights which are in other sections.

From issue #110

18.46.2 Enables NoA in Canada

According to verygreen 18.46.2 enables NoA in Canada. I haven’t been able to find this anywhere but verygreen is rarely wrong on Tesla related things… so it must be true!

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From issue #36

2018.42 is here and brings 'Navigate on Autopilot' and the ability to put the camera at the top

Since v9 was release there has been a lot of Model S and Model X owners complaining about Tesla removing the ability to split the screen between any two apps. According to several reports, 2018.42 just started to roll out and introduces the ability of moving the rear camera view, as well as other apps, to the top while showing the media player. While this isn’t the split screen abilities that folks were asking to get back, it is clearly a step in the right direction.

At the same time, Electrek has reported that 2018.42 is releasing “tesla navigate on autopilot” to the masses. It seems that the released version requires user input - we assume that pulling the AP stalk as in previous versions - to initiate the suggested lane change. As this feature is being polished more and more we assume that Tesla will release the ability to do these lane changes without driver confirmation at some point 🤞.

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From issue #30

2018.48.1 NoAP now prompts to move out of passing lane

Now we just need enough people on Teslas and with NoAP so the passing lane in California can be actually used for… passing :)

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From issue #38

Autopilot/FSD information from Q4 2018 earnings call

u/tp1996 put together a list of what was discussed:

  • NoAP - Option to disable stalk confirmation coming in a few weeks.
  • Traffic Light and intersections - Currently working at about 98% success rate. Goal is 99.999%+.
  • Stop sign detection - Elon said this was very easy and trivial as it can be geo-coded, and stop signs are very easy to recognize.
  • Navigating complex parking lots - Includes parking garages with heavy pedestrian traffic.
  • Advanced Summon - Will be first example of car being able to navigate complex parking lots. ETA “Probably next month".

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From issue #45

Elon Musk: The Recode interview

Kara Swisher from Recode Decode did an awesome interview to Elon. He talks about everything from Tesla’s close to death earlier this year, to what is down the pipe for Tesla, to rockets, Mars, and others. A few Tesla related highlights:

  • NoA comes to a halt at the intersection after the off-ramp. I didn’t know about it until I listed to this podcast.
  • Tesla is now integrating stop signs, traffic lights, hard right turns, or hairpin bends.
  • Elon Musk thinks Tesla would archive full self-driving in 2019 and no other competitor is close to it, although it also seems like he doesn’t worry much about competitors.
  • The future Tesla pickup truck is going to be a really futuristic-like cyberpunk, “Blade Runner”, pickup truck. Elon is really excited about it.

Listen to the interview: Recode Decode

From issue #32

Introducing 'Navigate on Autopilot' (official Tesla announcement)

From Tesla’s piece of news:

“Since introducing Software Version 9.0, Tesla owners with Enhanced Autopilot have driven tens of millions of miles to support the validation of Navigate on Autopilot, allowing us to collect performance and safety data at scale, based on real-world driving.

While initially the feature will require drivers to confirm lane changes using the turn stalk before the car moves into an adjacent lane, future versions of Navigate on Autopilot will allow customers to waive the confirmation requirement if they choose to.”

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From issue #31

Introducing a more seamless Navigate on Autopilot

NoAP without confirmation is here! Interesting bits from Tesla’s announcement:

  • Since first introduced Navigate on Autopilot, drivers have traveled more than 66 million miles using the feature, and more than 9 million suggested lane changes have been successfully executed
  • In the Autopilot settings menu, Customize Navigate on Autopilot will now display three additional settings – Enable at Start of Every Trip, Require Lane Change Confirmation, and Lane Change Notification
  • Drivers can elect to get notified about an upcoming lane change by receiving an audible chime as well as a default visual prompt
  • Through our internal testing and Early Access Program, more than half a million miles have already been driven with the lane change confirmation turned off
  • Tesla just started rolling out this feature to customers in the U.S., and will be introduced in other markets in the future
  • Elon confirmed that the NN is upgraded in this release too, it isn’t just a settings change
  • What we’ve heard from a person with access to the Early Access Program that “It is the single most revolutionary feature that has been added since I bought the car”". C’mon Tesla, hit us!

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From issue #53

March 15th release will include unprompted NoAP

According to a tweet from Elon and other sources, the March 15th release would include unprompted NoAP as well as enhanced summon.

The community has had mixed experiences with NoAP. We hope the new version comes with a much better system but just in case we recommend folks to start testing it with confirmation until they have a high level of confidence in the system.

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From issue #49

Navigate on Autopilot hands-on: road trip to CES 2019

Engadget used NoAP to drive from San Francisco to Vegas to attend the CES, here is what they think about it:

From issue #42

NoAP finally available in Canada

2018.49.12.1 finally brings NoAP to our neighbors in the north. Enjoy!

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From issue #39

NoAP will soon work without requiring confirmation

Elon said he’s already driving with NoAP not requiring confirmation of lane changes. He also said it’s probably going to get enabled next month. Can we believe that? Is the world ready for such a big change?

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From issue #38

NoAP without confirmation and Enhanced Summon starting to roll out

Or at least that is what Elon said. We assume he means that folks with Early Access started getting it and when that looks good it would hit the rest of us.

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From issue #51

Tesla NoA in rush hour traffic with no interventions

DirtyTesla is back again (hello!) this time showing how his Model 3 took him all the way home in rush hour traffic.

From issue #75

The waltz of merging traffic - Navigate on Autopilot

I’ve noticed that lately NoA is performing better than before, Tesla keeps improving it with every software release. A couple of months ago I left confirmation on for NoA, but after a few interactions, I turned it off. I’m now thinking in enabling it again, since most of the lane change suggestions are just on point. This video shows NoA merging into crazy heavy traffic almost as well as a person would.

From issue #72

v9 is rolling out to the fleet

v9 has started to roll out to the fleet this week with a couple of important announcements:

  • Navigate on AutoPilot has been removed for now and it is on testing. It could be back in “a few weeks”
  • The roll out is only happening in the US and Canada, it seems like Tesla needs to work on the translations and some other localization issues like right-hand drive

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From issue #28