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Issue 85 - AI at Tesla

Andrej Karpathy talks about AI at Tesla

Here are some highlights of Karpathy’s talk about AI at Tesla at PyTorch Developer Conference. Having said that, I encourage you to watch the entire video, he makes a great job explaining this complex subject.

  • [3:45] Cameras get stitched together to understand the layout around it
  • [4:00] The images get stitched up to create the Smart Summon visualization. It reminds me of old strategy games when, under the fog of war, you keep discovering the map as you move forward
  • [5:00] Three cameras predicting intersections
  • The Autopilot has 48 neural networks, that make 1,000 distinct predictions, and takes 70,000 GPU hours to train them. It would take one node with eight GPUs you will be training for a year
  • None of the predictions made by Autopilot can’t regress. To make sure that doesn’t happen, they use loop validation and other types of validation and evaluation
  • They target all neural networks to the new HW3 processor
  • Project Dojo: Neural Network training computer in a chip. The goal is to improve the efficiency of training by an order of magnitude
  • 1B miles on NoA and 200,000 automated lane changes, and 800,000 sessions of Smart Summon

Handy dandy charging calculator

Easy and useful. I’m only missing a setting to select different models since not all models charge at the same speed.

See the calculator

Teslabros Premium Chrome Delete Kit

Thinking in applying Chrome Delete to your Model 3? Teslabros’ DIY Chrome Delete Kit is high-quality premium vinyl, easy to apply, and honestly, it looks amazing. I just wish it’d be available for the Model S. Want to see more? Check out MotherFrunker’s YouTube review.


Model 3 Made in China is almost ready

It’s been 309 days since the groundbreaking ceremony was held and the factory is ready and more and more MIC Model 3s are appearing on social media. This is impressive by any standards! BTW I think that logo in Chinese looks 🔥

Read more: Twitter

Regen to a stop regenerates power down to 5kph/3mph

With the introduction of hold in stopping mode Tesla released improvements in their regeneration braking for all Model 3s and Raven Model X and S. Before this update, regenerative braking stopped at 15kph/10mph but now it goes all the way to 5kph/3mph.

Read more: Reddit

How to tell your car to check if there’s an update available

Some people say it’s a coincidence, but hundreds of people have reported this tip from Zack to actually work. If you want to help your car checking if there is a pending update, just tap a few times on the ‘Advanced’ button in the software menu. This only checks if the update is there, which in theory the car should be checking anyway. However, I’ve seen that not being really accurate, instead Tesla has to have approved your car configuration and region to get the update.

Read more: Twitter

Unconfirmed: MCU2 required for HW3 upgrade

A handful of owners have reported receiving HW3 upgrades, coincidentally all of them have MCU2. Now the rumor started on Reddit that you need MC2 in order to have HW3, all this based on one owner with MCU1 who had his Autopilot processor replaced and got called to go back to get the change reverted. We don’t know if this is true but let us know if you know more!

REad more: Reddit

Autopilot recognizing a dog as a pedestrian

In this video by greentheonly, Autopilot recognizes both the dog and the owner. Even though it incorrectly tags the dog as a pedestrian, note that it does get recognized so that’s what matters in order to be able to avoid it.

Tesla’s European Gigafactory will be in Berlin and it’ll start with Model Y production

Elon Musk confirmed that Giga4 will be in Germany, near Berlin, and that it will start with Model Y production. Great news for Europe, once this is up and running the price of the Model Y (and probably after it, the price of the Model 3) will go down considerably since they won’t have to account for import taxes and transportation.

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Fixed severed wheel sensor wires on a Tesla Model X

Good DIY in case this happens to you.


Tesla breaks down the range of Model 3 Performance with different wheels

Tesla has published the EPA numbers for the Model 3 for 2020, they’ve split the range of the performance version by wheels.

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As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • NoAP - Navigate on Autopilot
  • MIC - Made In China
  • EPA - Environmental Protection Agency

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