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Issue 313 - Farewell Drew, thank you for the hard work!

Farewell Drew, thank you for the hard work!

Drew Baglino has announced his departure from Tesla after 18 impactful years, reflecting on his journey from a junior firmware/electrical engineer to participating in Tesla’s mission for sustainable energy. It seems so recent when we sent our issue 70 with the subject “Thanks JB” right after JB announced his departure and that Drew was taking over. I didn’t know Drew at that point, but he has done a tremendous job since then, and he will be greatly missed.

You are great, Drew, thank you for everything ❤️.


Tesla introduces new Model S Plaid sport seats

Tesla rolls out all-new Sport Seats for the Model S Plaid, offering a track-inspired design with enhanced lateral support. Features include performance suede for better grip and exclusive Plaid décor, 12-way adjustability, and heating/ventilation. These seats will be standard in all Model S Plaids from April 1, 2024.


FSD (Supervised) now available for $99/month in the US and Canada

Tesla just cut the price of the FSD Subscription in half for U.S. and Canadian drivers, making it $99 a month. For those who liked their trial, this monthly subscription makes it hard to resist. You can subscribe by going to Upgrades > Software Upgrades > Subscribe in your Tesla app.

2024.3.15 brings FSD v12 to the new Model 3 and Legacy Model S and X

Tesla’s latest software update, 2024.3.15, is expanding FSD v12 to include legacy Models S and X, along with the new Model 3. v12 replaces 300k+ lines of explicit C++ for a single end-to-end neural network.


Cybertruck delivery pause due to accelerator issues

Tesla has temporarily halted Cybertruck deliveries due to a mechanical issue with the accelerator pedal, causing disappointment among eager customers. Although specific details haven’t been disclosed, users on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum speculate that it involves a lubricant causing pedal slippage.

Software Updates

Tesla teases features from its Spring release

Tesla’s Spring Release promises exciting updates for our Teslas. This includes visual updates for Model 3/Y with the AMD chip, such as fullscreen vehicle controls and a larger media player interface. Auto Shift Beta for the 2021+ Model S/X seems to work on situations like 3-point turns and similar maneuvers. There’s also Spotify queue & playback speed, hands-free trunk operation by just standing behind it with your phone key, the option to preview Sentry Mode if the alarm is triggered, and more! It’s like waking up to a whole new car after an overnight update—our family can’t wait to try out the ‘Are we there yet??’ feature on our next road trip!

Latest app 4.32 decompiled with new features

Decompiling of Tesla’s recent app update, version 4.32.0, reveals exciting new features in the works. Users can look forward to accessing remote Sentry Mode clips directly from the app, a paint color customizer, enhancements to Summon, and something for Cybertruck enthusiasts – code related to its unique light bar. Plus, there are hints at a new ‘Poppyseed Performance’ option for the Model 3.


Tesla announces Powerwall 3 details and new cheaper unit

Tesla enhances its home energy storage offerings with the Powerwall 3, featuring key upgrades such as an 11.5 kW continuous power output and a high 30 kW peak power output. An upcoming ‘DC Expansion’ unit will enable easier and more cost-effective stacking for larger energy capacity needs, at $1,000 less than the full Powerwall 3, which includes LFP cells for improved longevity. If you want a $500 discount on your order, you can use our referral code http://ts.la/ignacio9266

🤓 What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • FSD: Full Self-Driving
  • PPF: Paint Protection Film

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