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Issue 233 - Tesla Supercharger location voting coming soon

TWRAPS, Wraps & PPFs for your Model 3/Y

[Sponsored] A few months ago we shared with you these amazing wraps by our friends at TWRAPS. Fast forward to today, they have created a bunch more products for all Tesla vehicles, including the Model Y which they just added, and their products keep getting better and better. Why do we like them? High-quality materials, best packaging out there, all the products and colors you can think of for your Tesla, and very good and detailed installation videos. Don’t take our word for it, check them out.


Should Tesla pay you if they reschedule your appointment last minute?

Last week we talked about Tesla starting to charge owners for rescheduling their appointment within 24 hours, and a lot of owners were furious about it because Tesla also cancels appointments within 24 hours. This week Elon admitted on Twitter that this should be reciprocal, and Tesla should credit owners $100 if Tesla cancels within 24 hours.

Software Updates

UI for Applying the brakes when regen braking is limited

A few releases ago, Tesla introduced this setting, which allows the car to simulate regen braking when regenerative braking is limited, e.g. when it is cold, or when your battery can’t get more energy. In this image from DirtyTesla, we can see how the UI differentiates between the regen braking (green) and the brakes (darker gray).

Tesla app update hints at potential 'powered frunk' feature

In a recent update for the Tesla App, tapping on closing the frunk shows animation for closing the frunk, although it doesn’t close. Is Tesla going to add a powered frunk in the future? Who knows, but this might just spoil the surprise.

2022.28.1 to include 'Alternate Routes'

According to a tweet from Greentheony, the next version of the firmware will include up to 3 alternate routes for those with premium connectivity, and a few other small things.

Hardware updates

Is Tesla switching to new repeater cameras with wider angles?

Months ago, there was a lot of chatter on Twitter about the angle of the cameras and if they can see cross traffic or not. The current angle of the cameras isn’t sufficient and that is why in FSD, not often but it happens, the car can creep forward and then backward. In a video from Ashok, Tesla’s Director of Autopilot, we can see a weird angle, and several people in the community thought Tesla is adding a new repeater camera with a wider angle. What do you think?


Tesla Supercharger location voting coming soon

Tesla is using Twitter to collect the locations with the most suggestions, and then they will run a poll on Twitter to decide where to add Supercharging locations. If you don’t want to miss it, follow the official @TeslaCharging account on Twitter.

First known Tesla V4 Supercharger location was revealed to be in Arizona

According to the information from the permits, we can see that the station will have two 4,500 square-foot solar arrays, a Megapack, and Superchargers with the new design.

🤓 What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • FSD - Full Self-Driving
  • PPF - Paint Protection Film
  • UI - User Interface

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