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Issue 207 - HW4?

Giveaway Alert: Win a Jeda Tray

It’s been a while since the last giveaway but we’re back! This week we’ve partnered with Jeda to give away one Jeda Tray for Model 3 or Model Y. Head out to Twitter to participate. Good luck!


Prototype: Stop leaving your blinkers on

The folks from delete published another great UI prototype, this time trying to solve drivers leaving their blinkers on by accident.

Droplock Rear Seat Lock for Model 3

We featured this project a long long time ago, in issue #42 3+ years ago. With these small 3-D printed locks, you can present thieves from pulling down your back seats and reaching on your trunk. 15% of proceeds will go to Razom for Ukraine, thank you Tesbros for bringing these back!

Made some LED Tesla logos for their garage

Nice Tesla logos with multi-color LEDs.

FSD Beta

FSD Beta v10.11 changes in turns

This has been one of my pet peeves with the previous versions of FSD Beta. If you were turning and there was another turn right away, FSD Beta almost always picked the wrong lane. It seems that one noticeable change in v10.11 is that it turns into a further lane instead of the nearest lane when appropriate for a turn followed by another turn. Neat!

FSD Beta v10.11 release notes

I’m the most excited about smoother turns, reduced velocity error, and improved right-of-way if the map is inaccurate. I love these detailed notes, although I only understand like 60% of what they say.

FSD Beta might expand to divers with a safety score of 95

Well, that is if the current version performs well, which is too early to tell, but at least Elon opened up the possibility, so hopefully can be the next version if not this one.

Delivery dates

Model Y Made in Giga Berlin start delivering on 2022-03-22

Really exciting news! For those of you in Europe, we should expect a gradual increase in the % of Model Ys produced in Giga Berlin through the year.

Adding FSD accelerates your delivery estimate for non-performance 3s and Ys

The rumor is that Tesla is working on their very own App Store, I can’t wait to see what developers would do with something like that.

Future options

HW4 made an official appearance in the production code with FSD Beta 10.11

According to Greentheonly, there is some code for the first time referencing FSD HW4. According to his findings, the differences seem to be more than just faster / more RAM, this change seems to indicate that we will see HW4 launching soon.

NHTSA & DOT want your thoughts on using cameras instead of traditional mirrors

In the current legislation, all cars have to be sold with physical rearview mirrors, but that might not be the case in the future. NHTSA wants to know if drivers support the use of cameras instead of rearview mirrors and it has a form to apply to some future research, if you are interested the link to the form is in the article.

Cloud accounts

More updates from Greentheonly. It seems that the latests code includes the ability to add profile to an online account. It is unclear how you will be adding your profile to a new car, especially for rentals/Turo.

💡 Tip of the week

In Tesla’s v11 firmware, Tesla introduced the ability to select your seated heaters to auto, as a way fo auto regulate how many “bacons” you get. Soon this feature will be comming to the app, as Drive Tesla Canada shared this week.

🤓 What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • DOT - Department of Transportation
  • FSD - Full Self-Driving
  • HW4 - Hardware 4
  • LED - Full Self-Driving
  • NHTSA - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • UI - User Interface

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