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Issue 192 - MY MCU3

Giveaway Alert: Win a SnapPlate for your Tesla

This week we’re partnering with our friends from EveryAmp to give away a SnapPlate for your Tesla. Install and remove SnapPlate- front license plate mount for your Tesla- in seconds. Available for all models. Check out our pinned tweet on Twitter to participate.

FSD Beta

FSD Beta 10.5 voxel net compared to the previous version

A few weeks ago, we included some videos with the rendering of the Voxel neural nets. This week the same person, @rice_fry, is comparing the neural network in 10.5 vs. a previous version. It is kind of amazing how much more detail is in there now.

First zero-intervention drive in Chicago

Impressive drive in Chicago with FSD Beta version 10.5! Still not perfect, but this version seems to be doing much better than previous builds.

What CNN didn't show you

CNN released a video testing FSD Beta 10.5, but the owner who sat on the back seat has other parts of the video that were edited out. It seems like CNN selected the bad parts and forgot to include the rest. This article has both videos for you to compare.


MY MIC now with the MCU 3

This is the first time we see a Model 3 or Y with the new MCU and it is MIC. The previous MCU, aka MUC2, came with an Intel Atom A3950, while the MCU3 is an AMD Ryzen. There is a side-by-side comparison in the next article below.

Intel Atom vs AMD Ryzen side-by-side

It is quite amazing to see how much faster the new MCU is. I wonder when Tesla will offer retrofits 🤔.

Tesla Store

Model S Plaid Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit

Tesla just released a carbon ceramic brake kit for the Model S Plaid. These brakes give the Model S better track performance. The price, however, might be a bit steep for some, $20,000 🤑


Cybertruck socks

Cool Cybertuck socks are now available on tesla.com. At the time of writing this only size S/M is available.

Cybertruck and product roadmap update expected in the next earnings call

We are all really excited (and angsty) about the future products, especially many folks who are waiting to hear more about their future Cybertrucks. Elon said that this year the supply chain nightmare has had them busy but he will provide a product roadmap on the next earnings call (tentatively at the end of January).


MY detected deer and slowed down before the driver could

The title says it all. It is great to have a second pair of eyes, technically 8 cameras, looking at the road as well.

Impressive demo of autolabelers in some raw video

Andrej Karpathy posted some videos of a new project they are working on. Pretty accurate detection! Oh, if you are into AI, Tesla is hiring https://tesla.com/AI.

💡 Tip of the week

With this trick you can add more than 4 quick actions to the mobile app. Be aware tho, if you ever need to reset them because you added too many or things start looking funky, you will need to delete and reinstall the app. This also means you will need to pair your phone as a key again.

To customize the controls, long-press the quick controls section of the mobile app, drag the action that you want to add and position it right to the most right action, it won’t show as highlighted, and drop it there. This tip is courtesy of @ILuvAmp.    

🤓 What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • AI - Artificial Intelligence
  • FSD - Full Self-Driving
  • MCU - Media Control Unit
  • MIC - Made In China

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