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Issue 160 - Cybertruck rolling through Giga Austin


Cybertruck acceleration comparison

See an acceleration comparison of the three different Cybertruck models in a visualization. This car is going to be a beast!

Cybertruck rolling through Giga Austin

This car certainly looks like CGI, OMG!

A better look at the Cybertruck prototype

Elon’s Cybertruck featured again. Looks big, almost as much as it does in real life. I don’t know what I need it for, but I definitely need it.

FSD Beta & Tesla insurance

New FSD Beta rendering coming

According to Elon, the new visuals will represent the NN probability space better. Neural Networks produce a set of probabilities when they do detection (e.g. car 95%, pedestrian 30%). I wonder how Tesla is planning to render this for the end-user, any ideas?

Tesla insurance telemetry data

Tesla allows car insurance companies to gather some data about Tesla driver’s behavior. However, Tesla has access to many more insights and information that others can’t get e.g. to get strong signals on bad driving behavior. Here are some of the fields of Tesla’s Insurance Telemetry data shared by @rice_fry on Twitter (the rest are in this Twitter thread). Records are on a per drive basis:

  • Unique Drive ID
  • Record Version
  • Car Firmware Version
  • Driver Profile Name
  • Start / End Time
  • Drive Duration
  • Start / End Odometer

Model 3 & Model S

Upgrade your SR to SR+ for $2,000

I believe we’ve shared this in the past, but since is one of these obscure things that you only know if someone tells you, here it is again. If you own a Model 3 SR you can upgrade it to SR+ by paying $2,000. To do that you need to create a service request, select software, and say in the description that you would like to upgrade. In a couple of days, Tesla will reach out to you and finalize the transaction.

For parents with a Model 3: 3 car seats across in the back seat

If you want to install three car seats, you are going to need to secure all of them with the seat belt for them to fit. It will be tight but it can be done, especially if you get European car seats, as cars in Europe are generally a bit smaller. Note: If you are going to install car seats for the first time in your Tesla, I can’t recommend enough for you to use a seat cover as well, this is the one that we use.

Is the redesigned 2021 Tesla Model S all that different?

The refreshed Model S isn’t that different on the outside, but the inside has completely being reimagined. This article goes through all the differences, take a look!


Tesla tailgating table

I love the creativity of the Tesla community, this Tesla owner has designed his own Tesla tailgating table with an umbrella and everything. And the table also serves as a lid for the sub trunk of his Model 3. It’s made of bamboo and it costs around $200. Very creative and very practical for camping trips!

Model 3 remote control car

Another cool DIY built by another creative Model 3 owner. 3D printed body, Silver Midnight Metallic paint 😎 So awesome!

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What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • CGI - Computer-generated imaginery
  • FSD - Full Self-Driving
  • SR - Standard Range
  • SR+ - Standard Range Plus

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