Model X and Model S get cheaper in the newest version

Tesla has dropped the price of the Model S and tthe Model X by $8,000. Model S and Model X that were previously sold under the 100D label will now be sold as “Extended Range” vehicles, while Tesla’s top-of-the-line P100D variants will now be branded as Model S Performance and Model X Performance. If you’re tempted, order before February 1st and get 6 months of free Supercharging with our referral code

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Tesla is now using more sophisticated algorithm with temperature to better predict range

Electrek has discovered a change in the owners manual and after asking Tesla, they have confirmed that while they have always used ambient temperature around the car as part of the range prediction, now they are also taking into account the temperature changes around the planned route based on the elevation.

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i1Tesla creates emergency rear door release

Although Elon confirmed this week that in case of an accident all doors unlock automatically, this is probably pretty handy as well.

Sentry mode should be out in 2 - 3 weeks

At least that is what Elon said on Twitter.

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Models 3 getting to Europe soon!

Glovis Captain is arriving to Belgium on February 2nd, exciting! You can track the progress of the ship here.

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Model 3 seat testing

This video shows Model 3 seat testing, 40,000 cycles (the equivalent of 12 years of seat use!).

Because we 💚 Tesla

Our Model S rocks so much that we designed some sweet t-shirts to go with it. Check out all of our designs at